Goral Gandhi : A prominent name in IVF and Embryology sector

In today’s time, IVF has become quite a popular infertility treatment procedure. With increasing social awareness, In-vitro Fertilization is now widely accepted in India and has produced several prominent specialists including Goral Gandhi. She is a renowned name in the IVF and embryology sector of India. Serving as the scientific director of Indo Nippon IVF, Mumbai, she has made immense contribution to the sphere.

Goral Gandhi has been in the field for over more than 20 years with experience in Egg freezing, Cryo-Vitrification, Embryo Transfers, etc. All across the country, she has contributed to setting up many clinics and training centres. Thanks to her outstanding efforts as clinical embryologist has turned Indo Nippon IVF into one of the most searched IVF clinics all around the globe. Currently, she is planning to open more IVF centres in the near future.

Based in Mumbai, Dr Goral Gandhi is an assisted reproduction leader in India. However, her contribution is not limited to IVF and is a prominent face in research and development of the subject. Her experience in IVF has made her an inspiration for the upcoming embryologists. In the last couple of decades, Goral Gandhi has organized a number of workshops and didactic lectures focusing on IVF. Numerous IVF experts trained by her are making an impact in the field.

Apart from IVF, she has conducted a number of training workshops on IUI, IVF, ICSI, Vitrification, Trouble Shooting and Laboratory Management. Not only in India but she has also conducted 7 training workshops in UAE. Dr Goral Gandhi has trained over 600 embryologists from almost all major countries in the world including USA, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Spain, etc.

Over the course of her decorated career, Goral has proved that she is not a just a good doctor but also a good human being. By helping hundreds of individuals by offering them practical exposure via her training programs, she has set an example. Her caring nature as a doctor comes from her personal experience as a mother.