Google Top Ranking Factors

Who doesn’t know the importance of SEO? There are many search engines available but Google is the major one that works on Algorithms. To provide the best content to their users, Google launches algorithm updates on a regular basis. It makes it hard for anyone to get at a higher rank every time. 

If you are unaware of the Google Ranking factors then you may put your website at a lower rank or even your site may be penalized because of certain changes in algorithms. However, here we are going to tell you about a few Google Top Ranking Factors based on our experience. Let’s get started.

Page Load Speed

As we know, no one wants to wait even for a single second nowadays. People want instant results for their queries or questions. The simple meaning of Page Load Speed is an exact time for displaying all the content on any particular site or page. Google suggested that if your website page load speed is more than three seconds then there are high chances to bounce your users. 

If you want to measure the page load speed of your website then you can use Google’s PagesSpeed Insights. 

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Security Certificate of site (SSL Certificate)

Google recommended to every website owner to migrate their site from HTTP to HTTPS in 2014. 

Both are the kind of basic protocols that allow us to send and receive some information in the form of a site. Whether the HTTPS means the kind of protocols that were designed to provide one another layer of security to securely transfer the data or information to our website. We also called it a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

However, HTTPS would not directly increase the ranking of your website but it helps Google Analytics to show referral sources as direct traffic.

Technical Factors

There are many other technical factors that affect the ranking of your site are below:

  • Use target keywords in heading and title that help Google index to determine the relevance and context of your site.
  • Always keep your META description effective and short
  • Use targeted keywords in image alt tags

These are the most important factors that affect your site rankings. Do keep in mind before publishing your website and you will get the result.
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