Google Cloud vs. Azure in 2020

In the past years, organizations were not willing to shift towards the Cloud. But these days, Cloud has become a mainstream tech, Multi-Cloud is leading tech of the upcoming time, and Hybrid surrounding turns out to be popular. Organizations are progressively looking for the advantages that are provided by Cloud techs on the premises of deployments. As Cloud service providers are providing more and more advancements in budget planning, flexibility, business safety, and continuity in business, this style is set just because to accelerate it. Nowadays, the market of Cloud computing becomes a wide eco-system of service providers, techs, products, as well as facilities.

In between thousands of service providers, a very few of technology-based organizations have made themselves like a well-known name in the current market of Cloud-computing. While thinking about the Cloud service providers – AWS, Google-Cloud-Platform, and Azure are considered as the 3 very popular superheroes of the industry. When we talk about Cloud migration and choose a Cloud service provider, you would associate GCP with the Microsoft Azure. Currently, in this discussion we’re comparing these two Cloud giant, that is, Google Cloud versus Microsoft Azure.

Why Google Cloud vs. Azure

If a person is planning to move towards the Cloud then it’s not possible – you did not do any research regarding Cloud providers and also knowledge of Google Cloud training along with Azure. Even though when Cloud computing was not beginning; Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure both were renowned champions in the tech space throughout the world. While by offering different kinds of facilities and products, such giants of the cloud are popular for their proficiency, revolution, and brilliance in both software and hardware. In the year of 2019, Azure and Google were announced by the Gartner as the main leaders for Cloud I-a-a-S throughout the nation. This leading position was achieved by having excellence in both of the zones of ‘Inclusiveness of Vision’ and ‘Capability to Implement’ in the space of I-a-a-S.

Google Cloud vs. Azure Features Comparison

It is not an easy task to compare and differentiate the features of Microsoft Azure versus Google Cloud and it also consumes time too. Every other service provider currently provides approx. hundred plus products of the cloud. Even though, if any of them is offering a similar service then it is known to be with any other identity to its comparative product. Luckily, these 2 frameworks are the same in some context, by having the platforms of Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure; products are assembling in similar categories.


In this classification of computing, the focus is on virtual-machines VMs. Associating and opposing the systems of Azure and Google-Cloud frameworks. By giving a quick look, both of the service providers implement the same method to Virtual Machines, which in return, plays an essential part to any Cloud infrastructure, and would run any kind of customer’s load of work which you can assume.


Microsoft Azure and Google-Cloud are constantly being used and increase the infrastructure of their network, do work along with their companions, to communicate with their worldwide deployed centres of data. They possess motivated plans of development and provide advanced services in networking on the way to deliver high-speed connection through VMs, with different services of Cloud, and on-premises servers.


It is very important to understand the other types of disks and storage of your Cloud service provider. Such devices would have a direct impact on IO, and the capability to burst dimensions for a shorter period that has a great impact on the overall performance. While relating Azure versus Google Cloud storage, the focus is on the basic options of storage such as object-storage block-storage.


While discussing Cloud security, the focus is the shift towards fundamental techs, procedures, and strategies which are combined to guard your systems that is based on Cloud, data, as well as the substructure. Azure and Google are popular for their deeper assurance to provide a high level of security to the Cloud. 


While installing a service of Cloud, you might face such scenarios where there is a need for further support and direction. Google and Microsoft both provide wide-ranging certification to give you knowledge regarding the technical conditions. They also guide how to install, configure, and retain the entire range of services of Cloud. 

Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure Continue to Grow

It is not a matter for what you are searching at P-a-a-S, S-a-a-S, or I-a-a-S solutions; instead Google-Cloud and Microsoft Azure provide hundreds of market-leading Cloud services and products to which you can select from. It is a list which is continuously expanding as they revolutionize and progress to provide further advanced solutions. As the data reported by the Gartner, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure both are the five topmost technologies among Cloud substructure service providers who almost make eighty percent of the Infrastructure as a Service market. Those Cloud giants of technology are constant to increase the base of their consumers and report inspiring growth in income during the course of 2020.