Google Ads Best Practices and Tips for 2021

2021 has been a year that has brought about an upsurge in terms of digital marketing. The growth of digital marketing has been quite an exciting story for all marketers.

Yet Google Ads has been in the news. Be it for the latest updates or for the ease with which the new keywords can be optimized into your content. Google Word has again gone ahead to show it’s the king when it comes to digital marketing.

In this article, we’ll look into the top five best practices that you must follow if you are into Google ads.

  1. Select keywords based on intent: As much as keyword selection is important, we should also not forget about the intent behind writing a particular ad campaign. Those days are old when a single keyword ad campaign would help you in gaining a larger audience base.

    Instead, having a keyword that is around the real intent is going to boost the reach of your campaign.

Grouping of the keywords becomes important. Keywords that have similar intent should be grouped together based on the history of their return on investment.

In order to create purchase intent, you must look into keywords like buy now, where you can induce the users to purchase your product.

  • Automated bidding is going to be the new thing: Research has shown that companies are ramping up on their digital marketing spend. Moreover, spending on Google Ads is going to increase. It’s at this point in time that you need to look into automated bidding.

    Automatic bidding comes with the advantage of an AI taking over the bidding process, thus resulting in the best-matched keywords. They result in increasing the chances of your page getting impressions.

    If you’re an organization that’s new to Google ads, we suggest you look forward to automate bidding, as this can help you grow your organization at a brisk pace.

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  • Be responsive, be smart: Google ads responsiveness, is one thing that you should look into. With more than 70% of the Google ads being viewed from mobile devices, it is imperative that your ads should be optimized accordingly.

 Making Google ads responsive is not limited to making your ads fit into the mobile device, but it’s also about the customer journey.

Paying more attention to the customer journey would lead to higher lead conversion.

  • Build your brand through emotions: One of the great tricks of using Google ads is building a brand through emotions.

     Google Adwords Melbourne have led by example.

With some of the content spun just around emotions, it goes ahead to show how great content can lead to awesome utilization of AdWords.

  • Save your spending by using negative words: Using the negative keywords over your Google ad ensures that you not only make your ads visible to the right customer but to save a lot of money in terms of impressions.

    For every click that you receive from a non-targeted consumer, you are actually burning cash.

This is when negative keywords will play a major role in improving our bottom line, as well as increasing the ROI for your marketing campaign.

Bottom line: The bottom line of this article is that Google ads are changing. If you haven’t changed your way of work, it’s high time you go ahead, get back your boots, and start working on it.