Good ways to find good web designers

Decide between a web design company or freelance designer. Also look at portfolios and a web designers customer reviews to date. You can find a good web designer by searching a freelance marketplace like Fiverr. Looking through candidates’ portfolios and reading reviews will always be a good way to do your research. It is also for sure a good starting point also. You can never go wrong with such an approach when it comes to you and your business.

Vital if you are going to conquer the internet

The internet is over 30 years old now. People are now out there shopping, socialising, dating, networking, learning and doing business online now more than ever. There’s an old saying “first impressions last.” Over 80% of shoppers will look you up online first before buying. How do you think they’ll react if you don’t have a website or your website is a poor representation of you and your business? Would you expect to make a sale showing up to a sales meeting in a dirty, old shirt, or worse still, naked?

Your website, or lack of one, instantly tells your people if you’re worth their time and money. If you’re struggling with sales or selling higher-priced products or services, a new website, or website upgrade, may be just the thing you need to reach your goals. Web design in Swindon as a result is now big business.

Vital also for your online marketing efforts

In your online or digital marketing strategy, your website is the star of the show. It’s the piece of internet real estate that belongs to no one but you. It’s also the only place online fully controlled by no one but you. Marketing online has everything to do with controlling attention. With all the digital noise of social media and other competitors, your website is the only place you can easily direct people’s attention where you want it. This is why when you click on a social media or online advert the first place you get sent to is the advertiser’s website.

Digital marketers know that once you are there, there is a much higher chance of you engaging with their brand. Also in getting you to become a buyer. Another important reason to have a good website is so that people can find you and find out more about your products or services quickly and easily. Have you ever gone half crazy trying to find a business’s email or contact number but it isn’t listed online? You’re not alone. Along with finding you, your website should take your people one step further. It should inspire confidence in your business and create fresh leads that become sales. A well set up, attractive website can do this for you while you sleep.


In choosing the best possible website designer or company, it helps to understand as much as possible about what you really need. You can then find a provider who best answers these needs. Just remember in any case though to not rush the overall process here. Be sure you end up with the best designer and developers and team for the job in hand.