Good ideas for your Commercial Sign

Having good signage for your business is key in today’s world, where everything is so dizzying and changing. Faced with the competition, it is necessary to stand out in some way. Commercial signage is an excellent alternative to do so. But it must meet some basic characteristics:

  • Target key users.
  • Send a clear message and design.
  • That it is well located.
  • That it has a clear function (information, location, interaction).

The essentials of an effective commercial outdoor signage

As we pointed out earlier, exterior commercial signs are a very important element of communication today. However, it must meet certain conditions for it to be effective.

For example:

  • An in-depth preliminary investigation must be carried out to know the target audience and the area where the sign is to be placed.
  • Find out about current legislation on the installation of commercial signage.
  • Create a clear and appropriate message to the target audience, which effectively communicates the business objective. The design is very important, it will be the first image of your company for clients or potential clients.
  • The correct location is also essential. It must help the business to be easily located and the environment in which it will be located must also be taken into account so that it is as consistent as possible.
  • Finally, the commercial signage responds to clear communication and marketing objectives of the company so that it helps to fulfill them adequately.

Channel Letter Signs: What Are the Different Types?

Channel Letter Signage is a type of commercial signage, generally made of aluminum or other resistant metal that reproduces letter by letter the name of a business, company, or its complete logo. They stand out for creating a high impact on the public. You can choose between different colors, font styles, sizes, and layouts.

There are different models:

  • Channel letter Front Lit – Can stay on all day as the light illuminates the front of the letters and passes directly through them.
  • Channel letter Halo Lit: The direction of the light comes from behind and illuminates the back of where the letters are installed, producing a halo effect.
  • Open Face Channel letter – Similar to channel letters with front lighting and halo. Being transparent, acrylics create an “open face” effect.

How does a sign company work?

Commercial signage manufacturers know the importance of doing a good job. For this reason, they use the best supplies, equipment and techniques in the manufacture of commercial signs.

Quality is crucial to achieving satisfactory results for customers and their companies.

In addition, the environment must be considered to be respectful with friendly practices throughout the entire production process.

From the first contact, the most important companies in the field make themselves available to the client to:

  • Know your needs in depth.
  • Survey the area where the signage will be installed.
  • Quote the work with a previous technical explanation for the clients.
  • Design the signage according to what was agreed with the client.

Generally, companies, such as Loyalty Signs, have a complete and agile website from which customers can complete the entire procedure and obtain the information they need on the different commercial signage models. As well as all the technical information that the client needs to know.

Which is which: Monument Signage vs. Pylon Signs?

The legislation in each area can condition the installation of your commercial signage. For this reason, you must know the type of legislation that governs the area where you plan to locate your commercial sign, beforehand. Each area governs the authorization of a specific type of signage; Pylon Sign, Channel Letter, Monument Sign, etc.

Pylon Sign vs Monument Signs

As we pointed out before, depending on the statutes that govern the area where you want to install your commercial sign, you can choose between a Pylon Sign or a Monument Sign.

Monument Signs are typically around 5 feet tall and are designed to display the message at eye level without interfering with the surrounding landscape.

Both Pylon Signs and Monument Signs are similar in that they are usually placed away from the main building, along a road or at the entrance of a property. Pylon Signs are much taller than Monument Signs, that’s the main difference.

If your business is in a mixed zoning area with residential homes, condominium buildings, offices, and storefront businesses, then you may want to choose a Monument Sign so that the signage better fits in with your neighborhood setting.

Pylon Signs are ideal for advertising businesses in various fields, to draw attention to your business or company on main roads or areas of heavy human traffic. In addition to having lighting, they can be very striking at all times, both day and night.

Monument Signs are signs that generally communicate the entrance to a certain institution, business, or company with a higher design level. They are usually made of stone, marble, brick, concrete or metal. They give a touch of elegance to the entrances and convey a message of longevity and permanence to passers-by.

Undoubtedly, understanding zoning restrictions in advance will help you save time and money, avoiding potential fines and costly rework. Your local zoning commission can help you identify which rules apply to your business. You will find requirements related to:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Color
  • Font size
  • Materials
  • building overhang
  • Messaging (some communities restrict the content of messages)

To find out your zoning laws or where your commission is located, ideally, you should check with your local Chamber of Commerce or do a few Google searches, such as:

Your Zip Code + Signage Zoning Regulations or Your City + Signage Zoning Regulations

For that reason, it’s a good idea that before you sign a lease for your commercial space, you make sure to check the lease for any guidelines or restrictions around signage, as well as who is responsible for creating and paying for any standard signage.

What are the nearby providers of commercial signage?

The ideal when hiring a commercial sign manufacturer is to choose one that is close to your business or company. However, this should not be the only factor to consider.

You should also make sure that it is a recognized and professional company, otherwise, you may have many inconveniences.

Generally, the most important commercial signage companies carry out a previous investigation about the needs of the clients, to offer them the most convenient solutions. They also advise and provide an after-sales service together with a guarantee for the work carried out.

For that reason, when choosing a commercial sign manufacturing company, they will have to take into account all these factors.

In this sense, there are prestigious companies with long professional careers that provide a guarantee of trust. Companies such as Loyalty Signs have been manufacturers of commercial signage for a long time in Miami Florida.