A Golf Trip Packing Checklist

Are you thinking about having a golfing trip with your buddies? It is all fun and sunshine until you find out you haven’t packed nearly half of the necessary gears required for a successful golf trip. This happened to me when I went out of town last summer. Because I was not thinking much about golfing but then one day it got interesting with some of the folks we met there. But unfortunately, I didn’t have the necessary Golf Equipment with me, and this nearly ruined the fun for me.

Fortunately for me, one of my buddies was a more dedicated golfer than me, and he decided to lend me some of his gears.

However, since then, I have prepared a mental checklist for me for the necessary golf equipment before every trip.

Wondering what they are?

Here is the golf trip packing checklist that you need.

A Golf Trip Packing Checklist

golf equipment list

Golf Gloves

Do get some new gloves ready before going on your golfing trip. If it’s raining a little bit or the heat is boiling, and you’ve got sweaty hands, then you will need to change the gloves in maybe every set of two or three holes. So don’t hesitate to pack a few more golf gloves than necessary.

Golf Towel

If it’s going to be a hot summer day, your regular bag towel might be soaked just after nine holes. That is why keeping a spare towel in your bag can come handy. You can dry off your grips to keep your gear dry.


Packing a Sunscreen in your golf equipment list is important to be able to play golf in the summertime. Because during the summer, while it get hot, there is also a high level of radiation there.  So do pack sun cream. You can get sunscreen sprayer as well if you don’t like to get cream all over your hands.  It certainly stops the grips from getting all gunky.


Sunglasses are another essential thing that you certainly don’t want to miss packing for a golf trip. It’s not just for stylish or looking more hype or anything; it will rather come really handy to protect you from the scorching heat and radiation out there.

Pencil and markers

Do pack a pencil in your golf trip packing list for marking your scores. But most importantly, pack a few ball markers as well. You can also pack a sharpie pen as well for marking your ball. It is essential that you can identify your ball while on the course.

Club Cleaner

A club cleaner can be a great help for keeping your clubs in good order to keep those grooves nice and clean and get maximum spin.   It costs very less to get a club cleaner, but it is invaluable for getting gunk out of the grooves.

Golf Balls

You’re going to need a supply of golf balls when on a golf trip. Do stock up on golf balls when packing for your golf trip.

Water and Drinks

Please keep in mind that you will need hydration on the course. A lot of people like fizzy drinks or sports drinks though I prefer to pack a water bottle. So depending on your personal preference, include your ideal source of hydration.

Energy Bars

Well, you’re probably going to feel hungry during the round when you’re out there. That is why  I like to pack a few energy bars. But a lot of people would prefer to have a chocolate bar instead. It’s entirely up to your personal preference.

However, having a  Mars bar can give you a bit of an energy rush. But if you don’t like chocolate or energy bars, you can alternatively pack some light snacks made with some nuts, some seeds, and dried fruit. It is a very healthy snack and can keep those energy levels up.

Final Words…

Some wise man once said the war is won by who is better at handling his logistics. It means that even during the war, it is more important to manage the supplies well rather than the war itself. This comparison might seem a bit extreme for you. But when going out with buddies on a golf trip, the last thing you want is to have to shift your focus from the game.

That is why knowing the packing list for a golf trip is quite important. So do go through this list we have put it here for you and make sure to include everything.