Goldmark Oakham Jewelry – The exclusive choice of the high class

Referring to Goldmark Oakham’s jewelry creations is referring to the number one brand among the elite, of gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen. Until a firm belief in the fashion industry about a brand with contemporary creations.

Each product is meticulously crafted with perfection in every detail. It is a painstaking process that combines rare materials with extremely modern motion art. Throughout the long journey of history, Goldmark Oakham has affirmed its enduring and eternal value with royal luster.

Goldmark Oakham – messenger of unique editions

To become the world’s most luxurious jewelry, Goldmark Oakham has affirmed its position through handcrafted versions of lasting value. Along with a period of 75 years with the motto of breathing soul into diamonds, bringing to humanity the most quintessential, most luxurious versions.

Flying Lotus Bespoke Jewelry

Flying Lotus Bespoke Jewelry – the event that “shocked” the jewelry industry brought by Goldmark Oakham really left an indelible mark. Breathe life into diamonds – with inspiration to capture nature’s purest, purest beauty. The flying lotus was first introduced in 2000 to become a symbol of the noble beauty of nature, Goldmark Oakham is delicate in choosing the image of the lotus – a flower that carries the value of lasting beauty.

Goldmark Oakham has brought a new symbol, evoking a noble lotus – the prestigious throne for the gods.

Jewelry of the gods – the name of the house Goldmark Oakham

The beauty that makes the fans flutter, specially designed that only the most sophisticated and high-class product lines can create. The Flying Lotus is designed to create a mechanical movement that has a collapsible mechanism to embrace the diamond in the center position.

Inheriting and promoting the values ​​in the spirit of the flying lotus in the 2000s. Goldmark Oakham has revived a new symbol. Reflecting a lotus flower rising into the air, longing to reach the pinnacle of mystical beauty

Flying Lotus 2022 – the transformation from the purest value of nature

Using monotonous colors but bringing purity, unique textures combined with the opening and closing movements of petals is a step forward in the art of jewelry making. Flying Lotus is one of the legendary designs, sophisticated at the top level that other brands have never reached.

Goldmark Oakham has been and will continue to write its historical footprints. To be the one who breathes life into the diamond, bringing the highest values ​​and the royal aura with lasting beauty. Goldmark Oakham has always been a unique brand in soul diamonds and movement jewelry, always knowing how to captivate the hearts of the ladies!

Endless glory from the British royal family

Born into an aristocracy in England, Goldmark Oakham has always carried in him a passion for natural beauty. The ultimate intersection between the passion to uncover the hidden beauty and the inspiration before the royal splendor. Goldmark Oakham has brought to humanity a unique masterpiece: Soul Diamond – a symbol of royal jewelry.

Goldmark Oakham The Soul Diamond

The milestone came from 1947, in the magnificent Paris, the soul diamond was released, creating a great resonance in the world of graves. Not only the pinnacle of jewelry, Goldmark Oakham both breathes life into diamonds while setting the level of enthusiasm and perfection to every detail. Diamonds have really made Goldmark Oakham mesmerized by the magnificent beauty of nature.

More than half a century of formation and development, soul diamonds and movement jewelry have always been a unique symbol. The combination of the artist’s hands and enthusiasm and the endless beauty of nature, Goldmark Oakham brings a desire to “see”. Noble – delicate – luxurious, each product is a unique aura with a royal influence that flutters the hearts of the elite. Goldmark Oakham is proud and confident with its luxurious, luxurious and classy beauty.

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