Going To Scotland? Here Are Great Scottish Golf Courses You Should Visit!

Golf lovers all over the world dream of visiting Scotland one day – the home of Golf has some of the best courses in the world. In Scotland, there are a number of impressive Golf Courses dotted around the country, and many more local clubs you can try out for fun!

So here is a list of great Scottish golf courses that you need to visit when touring Scotland. Dust off the clubs and let’s get golfing!

The St. Andrews’ Old Course

Of course, we’re starting the list with St Andrews. Any golf lover or fan of the sport will tell you about the course and its hosting of the Open Championship; the Wimbledon of the Golfing world.

While St Andrews has a whole host of impressive golf courses, the Old Course is by far the most iconic course of them all. It is – as the name suggests – famous for being one of the oldest golf courses still in existence today. It dates all the way back to the 15th century.

Not only that, but if you intend to go for a game, it is infamous for one of the difficult holes to play; the Road Hole. Think you got what it takes? Then give it a tackle when you visit. Find out why Scotland is heralded as the “home of golf”.

Carnoustie Golf Links

On the list of the greatest golf courses in the world is the Carnoustie Golf Links course. As well as the St Andrews’ Old Course, this course is also often a host to the Open Championship but is also commonly open to the public; with three well-designed courses for players of all skill levels.

This is great if you intend to take the family on a holiday, and maybe get the kids into the sport. While you’re at it, why not take a look at GolPhin for their spectacular range of clubs for kids and juniors – if you are taking them to historic clubs, it’s only right to get the appropriate gear.

Castle Stuart Golf Course

Overlooking the Moray Firth, the Castle Stuart golf course is a championship links course. The course is famous for being situated near iconic Invernesian landmarks in and around the Black Isle area, and being one of the most beautiful courses etched into a rugged landscape.

It is often cited as a place that can take players of all ages and skill levels back to a simpler era of golf in the experience that they have while playing there.

The course itself is all about errors and recovery that help to promote more of an expansive mindset during play. It is designed to help minimize time spent for you looking for lost golf balls, for example, to help make it more enjoyable for golfers who are starting out. However, at the same time, it can be an unforgiving course for even the most experienced and skilled golfers out there.

To Conclude

These are just some of the many great golf courses that you can visit in Scotland. Some courses worth an honorable mention before we go are the Dundonald Links and Kingsbarns Golf Club; nearly on the list!

So have fun when you are there and take a swing at Scotland’s gold scene.

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