Going beyond boundaries in the spiritual industry as an ace speaker, spiritual mentor to entrepreneurs is Eesha Patel.

With her spiritual coaching and energy healing, Eesha Patel has transformed the lives of entrepreneurs for the better.


With so much happening in the world around us and especially during these tough times like a pandemic, individuals most of the times are surrounded by frustrations, tensions and daily pressures that don’t let them get nearer their definition of success. For these changing times of the world, we need people who can come to our rescue and heal us from within to help us take out the best versions of ourselves and get near to our desired goals in life. So many different business industries come along with their unique challenges where professionals and entrepreneurs deal with different work pressures. Today, this has become a growing concern for many and thus, we need more people who are spiritual healers and mentors who can help us in our journeys and get us to our visions in life faster with contentment and mental peace. Eesha Patel stands tall as one of these ace spiritual mentors, healers, and entrepreneurs who work towards activating the abundance in people and help people get a clear state of mind, where they can see themselves growing and improving as individuals and professionals, gaining back their energetic and happier selves.


She is a powerful woman entrepreneur who is making it huge through her skills in the spiritual industry. Eesha Patel has risen to the top as an international speaker, channeller, author and healer. She is the proud founder of Origin Activation Method, which is a powerful multidimensional energy healing modality that is currently being taught to world-class coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs, across the globe.


For making a great difference in the business space and the world, one must first dive deep into their inner selves, understand the different feelings that may bother them and try to find solutions that may help them to get out of that bubble into a more fulfilling and happy life that exudes everything about growth and abundance, explains Eesha Patel.


Since the last five years, Eesha Patel has transformed the lives of more than 10,000 people and has awakened and stepped into their purpose with abundance. Today, she has reached an influential position in the industry which has allowed her to help 7-figure transformational leaders 10X their transformational abilities to make quantum leaps in their businesses for maximized profit, impact and ease with Origin Activation. Eesha Patel wants to be known as the No. 1 spiritual mentor to entrepreneurs of the world and help them understand their purpose in life, turn them into their best versions, to eventually impact the lives of others as well.


Talking about what inspired her to reach the level of success she is enjoying today; the ace spiritual healer says that the planet is awakening and she is on the mission to help as many people as she can. She sees a vision of a world where there is no more suffering or poverty and also sees that people feel the connectedness to each other and who they really are.


Eesha Patel also built her studio named Siddhi Space, which today has become the highest-rated wellness studio across Perth. She is the one who went ahead in hitting 6 figures in the spiritual industry. Her healing and speeches have left tones of testimonials, proving her excellence as a leader in the industry.


To connect with her, follow her on Instagram @eeshapatel11.