Old School Runescape Welcomes Nex to God Wars Dungeon

Nex is the newest general to be added to the God Wars Dungeon and has been attracting major attention across the OSRS community.

The God Wars Dungeon is a multi-combat lair in which soldiers leftover from the 3rd Age continues a contested fight for spiritual supremacy, each faction battling for major control over Gielinor. Players must wear gear honoring the gods waging war in the dungeon or face certain death. This makes for an ugly “fashion scape ” but it is vital if the user doesn’t want to be attacked immediately upon entering the dungeon (any and all monsters will attack you if you lack upon their particular god’s equipment.) When safely inside the dungeon, a kill count of 40 minions from a particular faction grants passage into a particular god chamber where players will be able to find OSRS gold. In the form of a mini-quest (The Frozen Door), a player must defeat each General before facing Nex.      

Nex is the fifth and final addition to the God Wars Dungeon, occupying the once empty Ancient Prison. She can be fought one-on-one where each fight will be individually instanced, or with up to 80 of your clan members. Included in the possible rewards that may spawn after defeating Nex are pieces of the Torva armor set which boast the highest strength bonus in the game, surpassing popular items such as Bandos Tassets and the Nieztnot Faceguard. Unsurprisingly, Nex boasts an impressive 1,001 combat level, making her – at least statistically – the most powerful of the God War generals, requiring a substantial of OSRS gold just to beat. She uses both magic and melee to do away with her foes. The magic attacks used by Nex are based on the Ancient Spellbook and come in four stages: smoke, shadow, blood, and ice. 

After a certain hitpoint threshold is reached against Nex, the player or players must defeat a magic guard who is responsible for infusing her with her powers before the next stage can commence. After the fourth stage is passed (all four wizards having been slain) a fifth and final stage in which Nex reaches her most powerful form must be completed before she is finally defeated. Nex is a difficult fight but if players are really struggling, they can always browse OSRS items for sale online and power up their characters.

The Other Four Generals

Kree’arra: The beaked general of Armadyl with a combat level of 580 belongs to the Aviantese race and is immune to all melee attacks. 

General Graardor: The brutish general of Bandos with a combat level of 624 belongs to the Ourg race and has the highest max hit of the God War Generals, maxing out at 60 hitpoints.

Commander Zilyana: The swift Saradomin commander with a combat level of 596 belongs to the Icyene race and she is the quickest and most accurate of all of the generals. 

K’ril Tsutsaroth: The sinister general of Zamorak with a combat level 650 belongs to the Demon race and can drain a player’s Prayer down to 0 within a handful of seconds.

The Five Gods of the Dungeon

Armadyl: Widely considered a lesser god, Armadyl is the god of law and justice and suffered the most casualties in the 3rd Age at the height of the God Wars. Although boasting far fewer followers in comparison to Saradomin and Zamorak, the creatures that worship Armadyl are perhaps the most devout. 

Bandos: Bandos is the god of war and is venerated by brutish races across Gielinor, most notably the Goblins. Bandos arrived in Gielinor at the start of the 3rd Age but was eventually banished by Guthix (as was every God on this list save Zaros. See: Edicts of Guthix). He is still very popular across Gielinor, and his followers wait with impetuous fervor for his bloody return. 

Saradomin: Inhabiting first the island of Entrana, the god of order and wisdom is believed to have arrived in Gielinor during the 2nd Age. Originally a small order, Saradomin’s following has slowly grown into the largest in the realm, boasting the most churches and sects. 

Zamorak: Also known as the Lord of Chaos, Zamorak is the god of destruction, power, and personal ambition. Once the greatest general in the Zarosian army, Zamorak, lusting for power, usurped and imprisoned Zaros, eventually ascending into godhood himself. This act officially ended the 2nd Age and marked the beginning of the God Wars. The followers of Zamorak found a new enemy in Saradomin, the two orders find themselves in constant conflict today.

Zaros: The most mysterious God with the fewest number of followers in the current age is Zaros. Being the opposite aspect of Seren the Elven goddess of light, Zaros represents divine darkness. After being created by the oldest known divinity Mah in the world of Freneskae and residing there for eons alongside Seren, Zaros eventually grew tired of the possessive nature of Mah. He eventually escaped and is known to have ruled over vast swaths of Gielinor in the 2nd Age, being second only to Guthix in power over the world. Many of his followers, unconvinced of his defeat at the hand of Zamorak, lay in terrifying wait for his return.

General Requirements:

Before entering the God Wars Dungeon, a player needs to have either completed the quest Death Plateau and have partially completed Troll Stronghold, or completed the quest Eadger’s Ruse AND have 61 Magic. The player must also have an Agility or Strength level of 60 in order to move or squeeze past a precariously positioned boulder in front of the entrance. All of this preparation costs a substantial amount of OSRS gold, so players should be prepared to farm a little. 

Death Plateau and Troll Stronghold are connected quests that involve protecting the human-owned Principality of Burthorpe from an impeding horde of trolls. The questline can be started by talking to Commander Denulth in his army tent in Burthorpe. Completion and partial completion of the two quests grant access to the road to God Wars Dungeon and fantastic loot without looking for OSRS items for sale online. 

God Chamber Requirements:

Armadyl: 70 Range

Bandos: 70 Strength, 

Saradomin: 70 Agility 

Zamorak: 70 Hitpoints

(The Ancient Prison: 70 Agility, 70 Hitpoints, 70 Ranged and 70 Strength)

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