GoAir PNR Status: Get The Complete Details Of The Travel With It

GoAir is presently known as Go First. While booking the tickets in GoAir, the next thing that you will need to look for GoAir PNR status for all kinds of updated details and knowledge about the flight you have booked for traveling. Not only that the GoAir PNR status number is for checking details, but it will also let you know if the flight is delayed or not. 

What is the direct flying route of the GoAir? 

GoAir flying routes operate within super low flight rates from the following known destinations. 

  • Chennai-Port Blair.
  • BLR-Goa.
  • Chennai-Kochi.
  • BLR-Lucknow. 

If you book flight tickets for GoAir, you must book them in the month of February, around the 15th and 16th of February. These are the cheapest dates decided by the authority. The budget of the airlines. The ticket to Chennai, Port Blair, Kochi, and Lucknow starts at the lowest price of Rs. 1600/- and sometimes it will go down to Rs. 1200/-. 

Where should you complain about GoAir Flights? 

For further information, you can call on the helpline number 9223222111. Passengers can also call on the new customer care helpline number 18002100999. GoAir also assists all with the current GoAir pnr status. Passengers can also lodge complaints to the Grievance & Redressal cell or contact for any kind of complaint or essential details you want the authority to get notice of it.

It is best to contact them between Monday to Friday between 9:30 hours and 18:00 hours every day. 

What is the GoAir Customer Care/support? 

Call Customer Care Centre

GoAir Code: G8 

For flight queries, call on 1800 2100 999.  

Monsoon Helpline Number:  +91 22 6868 6000.

Fog Helpline Number: +022 68686000.

UAE Contact Number: +97124180841.

Call on Toll-Free: 18002100999.

Can the cancellation be initiated within 2-3 hours? 

Cancellation initiated within 2 hours from the departure time will be refunded unutilized taxes through the fund of the agency transfers. GoAir pnr status if shows canceled, then the passengers will be offered an alternative option to their destination. After you log in to the section, you can check the PNR status information or be given a full refund of the flight fare. The information is displayed on the screen. 

What does the GoAir PNR status say about one’s trip? 

The GoAir PNR status says a lot about your travel and journey. The airline group must book a maximum of 7 to 150 passengers per journey. The customer care number for GoAir is currently 18002100999. Ahmedabad is the cheapest source city in India, from which you will have to pay less to book GoAir flights. The journey with GoAir flights is excellent and is marked 10 on 10 by the customers. 

What are the cities that GoAir flights operate for? 

The airline of GoAir operates in major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai, and Kannur. The first flight was in the international run from Delhi to Phuket on the 14th and 17th of October, respectively. Thus to receive the perfect details from the Airlines, you must ensure that the GSTIN and the PNR Status speak all the details correctly.

In the Nutshell 

If you are planning to travel through the GoAir flights, you must keep the GoAir pnr status ready with you. If there is any change in the details and information of the flights, you will receive the same in the gmail address that you have provided them with. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Hurry Up and grab all the limited offers of GoAir flights.