Go For Your Treatment In Best Dental Clinic In Kolkata

Teeth misalignment is a common problem that can cause serious health complications. It is also known as crowded teeth, overbite, and open bite and under bite. It may not be able to perform its function when it is damaged or uneven in shape and size. If one is suffering from misaligned teeth, they can contact the best dental braces clinic in Kolkata.

The causes

The uneven teeth can be caused due to several reasons. Some of the causes of uneven teeth are as follows-

  • Continuous use of feeding bottle for children can cause uneven tooth
  • Any sort of gum disease or gingivitis can cause uneven tooth
  • Early loss of milk teeth can also result in the damaged tooth
  • If there are any damages, it can also lead to jaw misalignment.


It is important to get fixed teeth in Kolkata if someone is suffering teeth related issues. By getting treated with the best dentist, one can expect to solve their problem of alignment of teeth. By taking proper care of the teeth and taking some good suggestions from the dentist one can get rid of the problem of oral complications. There are many problems that are caused because of tooth alignment. It has an increased risk of bacterial infection along with difficulty in proper brushing. It might also disturb the chewing of food properly. It might also affect the speech of a person and can cause difficulties.

How to treat?

The best dental clinic in Kolkata is always there to help the patients with the best treatment. An orthodontist will suggest different treatments that can be based according to the condition of the teeth. By using braces one can correct the position of teeth. The removal of teeth is also beneficial to shorten or reshape the jaw. There can also be wires to stabilize the jawbone.

Proper treatment

To get a treatment, you need to diagnose, treat and help to solve the problem. The doctor will take impressions of your teeth to understand the problem and suggest treatment like dentures according to the condition of your teeth. The dentist gives the best effort to go through the whole thing to help you to get back your teeth in a good shape. With the different treatments that one can undergo, it is very important to take advice. One needs to take good care of the teeth once the treatment is done.