Glowing from Within: How Glutathione IV Injections Can Turn Back the Clock on Aging

Glutathione is an extremely potent antioxidant that detoxifies your body by fighting free radicals and mitigating their damaging effects on liver, skin, and organ health, says our dermatologist.

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Antioxidant produced

Glutathione injections are actually a naturally-occurring antioxidant produced in the liver. It functions by providing electrons to unpaired free radical molecules and thus relieving oxidative stress and protecting from disease. Glutathione has become one of the best known anti-ageing agents, detoxifiers and liver protectors. Furthermore, glutathione may reduce dark eumelanin pigment in skin by inhibiting an enzyme that produces melanin production and switching it over to lighter pheomelanin production processes – helping it be ant melanogenic (meaning less dark eumelanin pigment in skin by inhibiting production by inhibiting Tyrosine (an enzyme that produces melanin production).

Intravenous administration of glutathione allows it to directly enter the bloodstream, bypassing digestion and ensuring maximum absorption. Therefore, glutathione IVs are much more effective than oral supplements and creams for managing symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases like Lupus by clearing away excess oxidation in cell mitochondria.

Glutathione anti aging treatment can also provide skin brightening effects; however, it’s important to remember that regular glutathione IVs will lighten all aspects of skin tone, rather than simply fade hyperpigmentation caused by acne or melisma. Unfortunately, many beauty clinics fail to make this distinction clear when advertising their services online.

Results from glutathione IV treatments vary for everyone, although most experience a noticeable change to their skin colour within four weeks of beginning an IV treatment, depending on frequency and darkness of existing skin tone. Light-medium brown skin types should experience visible results in three to six months while those with dark-brown or black complexions could take 18 months before noticeable improvements become visible.

Keep in mind that glutathione’s antioxidant effects can decrease over time without regular replenishment. Therefore, it is crucial to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine, in addition to receiving glutathione IV treatments regularly, says our Dermatologist.

Glutathione IV therapy

Glutathione is one of the body’s most potent antioxidants, yet poor diet, stress, or age can deplete its levels significantly. A deficiency can have detrimental effects on all organs and tissues of the body – so Glutathione IV therapy helps reverse this problem by increasing levels and improving immune function as well as increasing insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, regular Glutathione IV therapy has also been proven to reduce wrinkles, clear away blood toxins, brighten skin tone, improve hair growth, as well as increase hair and nail health!

Glutathione, often referred to as “mother of all antioxidants”, is an essential molecule found throughout every cell in your body, with particularly high concentration in your liver. Glutathione plays an integral part in protein synthesis, enzyme activation, DNA repair and detoxification as well as providing protection from oxidative stress as well as slowing cellular degradation that occurs with age.

Additionally, ginger acts as an effective anti-inflammatory, helping fight off autoimmune disorders like lupus by reducing oxidative damage to mitochondria cells in the body and improving athletic performance. Furthermore, ginger can prevent the build-up of lactic acid in muscles thus increasing strength and endurance, says our best Dermatologist in Mumbai.


Glutathione plays a pivotal role in our bodies’ conjugation process, making substances more easily absorbed by the liver. Glutathione can be increased through eating certain foods, taking oral supplements or receiving IV infusion therapy; with IV therapy being the most efficient approach due to allowing for quicker absorption and faster results if taken on an ongoing basis. Receiving treatments on an IV device is simple, fast and safe; you can minimize any bruising that may arise by applying cold compresses for 20 minutes after an injection!

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