Global Fibre Film market to expand at a 4.1% value CAGR by 2032

The global fibre film market is expected to be worth US$ 544.3 million in 2022. During the projection period of 2022-2032, worldwide fibre film sales are expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.1%, reaching US$ 813.5 million. Fibre film is utilised in many industries, including food and beverage, construction, chemicals and fertilisers, pharmaceuticals, and others. Food and beverage, construction, chemicals and fertilisers, medicines, and other industries use fibre film. Fibre films are predicted to gain popularity over the forecast period due to their ease of usage.

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Market Competition

Some of the major participants in the fibre films sector are

  • Megaplast,
  • Reddipak,
  • Wisepower,
  • Nanocyl,
  • Cnano,
  • Canatu,
  • NanoIntegris,
  • Sequana,
  • TOYOBO, and
  • Biax-Fibrefilm.

The fibre film market is expected to grow rapidly in the next years as a result of the various opportunities presented by the production of novel packaging items for consumers and businesses.

  • Megaplast is a prominent face in the fibre film industry, offering the ECO Fiber Film Series and Regular Fiber Film Series. The product helps minimize cost per pallet to the tune of 40%, while reducing film used for wrapping by 60%. Furthermore, it is 100% recyclable, comprising of high elasticity
  • On similar lines, Reddipak offers the Fiber Film Alpha series, specifically designed for semi-automatic wrapping machines embedded with a brake tension system. It comes in three different categories: Fiber Film Alpha HD (High Demanding); Fiber Film Alpha GP (General Purpose) and Fiber Film Alpha L (Light applications).
  • In September 2022, Toyobo announced it has developed a new biaxially oriented polypropylene film called ECOSYARTM VP001.

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Global fibre film market: Dynamics 

Use of stretch films has increased in the past couple of years. With that, cost of stretch films has also increased dramatically. Hence, it gives push to the development of film which reduces cost and provides better load stability. The global fibre film market is expected to grow over the forecast period as it reduces the amount of film used to wrap pallets. 

A factor which might drive the global fibre film market is that it can be used manually as well as automatically. In addition, when it is used with machines, fibre film can be stretched up to 300% and provides excellent puncture resistance. Fibre film market is also growing on the backdrop of manufacturers’ cost saving tactics in manufacturing units. Packaging convertors use different technologies to enhance the productivity coupled with less film consumption. 

This property has led to growth of the global fibre film market over the forecast period. Fibre film is effectively used in food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and many other industries where suitable pallet load stabilization is needed in less amount of film usage. One of the key drivers which might boost the global fibre film market is online retailing. 

Manufacturers operating in the global fibre film market are expected to rely on competitive pricing in order to gain competitive edge, which in turn is expected to increase competition among key players, and fuel growth of the global fibre film market.

Which are Some Prominent Drivers Spearheading Fibre Film Market Growth?

Convenience of Use to Boost Market Sales

Fibre films have become more popular in recent years. As a result, the cost of fibre films has skyrocketed. As a result, it encourages the creation of film that decreases costs and improves load stability. The worldwide fibre film market is likely to expand over the forecast period as the amount of film needed to wrap pallets decreases.

One element that may boost the global fibre film market is its ability to be utilized both manually and automatically. Furthermore, when utilized with machines, fibre film may be stretched up to 300% and has high puncture resistance. The fibre film market is also expanding as a result of manufacturers’ cost-cutting strategies in production units. Packaging converters employ several methods to increase productivity while consuming less film.

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Key Segments Profiled in the Global fibre film Industry Survey

Fibre Film Market by Wrapping Technology:

  • Automatic Wrapping Fibre Films
  • Handheld Fibre Films

Fibre Film Market by Thickness:

  • Fibre Films below 10 Microns
  • Fibre Films between 10-50 Microns
  • Fibre Films 50 Microns & Above

Fibre Film Market by End Use Industry:

  • Fibre Films for Food & Beverages
  • Fibre Films for Pharmaceuticals
  • Fibre Films for Chemical & Fertilizers
  • Fibre Films for Home & Personal Care
  • Fibre Films for Other End Use Industries

Fibre Film Market by Region:

  • North America Fibre Film Market
  • Europe Fibre Film Market
  • Asia-Pacific Except Japan Fibre Film Market
  • Latin America Fibre Film Market
  • Middle East And Africa Fibre Film Market