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Direct carrier billing (DCB) is an online payment method that allows consumers to charge purchases to their phone bills. Both mobile and feature phone users can utilize this online payment form. DCB can be utilized to buy content on any digital platform. This approach was previously only utilized to purchase ringtones and wallpaper for feature phones, but it can now be utilized to purchase goods and services through a diversity of platforms, comprising desktop computers, tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles. Individuals may, for example, buy a music streaming subscription on a tablet and authorize the payment with their phone. Since direct carrier billing does not depend on banking infrastructure to comprehensive a transaction, it diverges from other mobile payment methods such as mobile wallets or NFC solutions. To make a payment with DCB, the user just requirements to enter their phone number.

According to the report analysis, ‘Direct Carrier Billing Platform Market : Segmented By Content (Application & Games, Video & Audio and Others); By Operating Systems (Android, iOS and Others) and Region – Global Analysis of Market Size, Share & Trends for 2019 – 2020 and Forecasts to 2030states that the worldwide direct carriers billing network market is being increased by the increased saturation of premium video-on-demand services and the growth of digital content such as e-sports and live streaming. The Mobile operators and service providers can create the new revenue streams from seamless, stable, and convenient the mobile payment options thanks to the overview of direct carrier billing platforms. Communication service providers, retailers, and merchants all utilize the direct carrier billing network. The growth in internet access, speedily network speeds, and customer awareness of direct carrier billing services can all be accredited to the increasing the interest in direct carrier billing.

In addition, the variable levels of carrier engagement, several revenue shares in the value chain are all aspects that propelling market growth. Conversely, as the utilization of subscription-based digital content increases, direct carrier billing platform providers will improve the payment process, broaden cloud computing infrastructure, and offer high-speed internet access to assistance digital content publishers and mobile network operators, resultant in a foremost direct carrier billing platform market opportunity. Furthermore, one of the profitable prospects for direct carrier billing network breadwinners to stay in the market is to accelerate prevailing the goods and services, offering a seamless consumer experience by partnering with swerving content providers.

Furthermore, the direct carrier billing market is increasing with the increase in smartphone use, which has propelled the growth of several digital service providers around the world. Smartphone subscribers can purchase digital content from these service providers and pay for subscriptions via the similar networks as their phone bills, which is propelling the direct carrier billing market further. Furthermore, with the growing popularity of games, the mobile gaming sector is increasing at an incredible pace. Several mobile game developers charge a fee to purchase the entire game file or a precise feature. Therefore, in the near years, it is anticipated that the market of direct carrier billing platform will increase around the globe more effectively over the forthcoming years.

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