Global CTB Review – A Careful Evaluation of its Features

The trading market presents you with hundreds of thousands of instruments to trade, but it doesn’t matter which one you want to invest in. Whether it is the foreign exchange market, the stock market or commodities, there is one thing that you will have to do at all costs; find a reliable broker to help you trade. Yes, it is true that trading has now shifted online, much like the other industries in the 21st century, but one thing that remains unchanged in the market is that you still need a broker. They are the intermediary that connects you to the world of financial markets and without them, you cannot enter.

Nevertheless, choosing a broker is fraught with perils and it is not because you don’t have enough brokers to cater to you. You just need to run a simple search on Google to find out how many brokers exist these days; it will present you with hundreds of options and this is where the problem lies. When you have so many brokers at your disposal, it can be overwhelming to have to choose one. Every new broker looks better than the old one and you will be left confused and stressed.

In such a scenario, you should remember that it is not a flashy broker you need. Your priority should be an authentic broker that can live up to its words rather than just throwing around big claims. Such brokers do exist in the market and you just need to dig them out in order to make the right choice. The list of brokers you will find will also include the name of Global CTB, a properly licensed and regulated broker that is offering its trading services to traders worldwide. Regardless, a careful evaluation of its features is required before you proceed in availing its services.

What are the features that should be evaluated? Read on to find out:

The registration and verification process

Like most online services, you have to register and sign up with a broker too. Only then will you be able to use their services to start trading, but the registration procedure of every broker is different. Some will ask you to complete multiple forms that ask for excessive details. Some have approval procedures that require you to submit a registration request and then wait for approval. This can be quite frustrating for traders and it makes you wonder what Global CTB involves.

If you want to register with Global CTB, you need to visit their website and here you will find an online form. It will ask you share your name, email address, date of birth, country, phone number and a password. You also need to agree with the broker’s Terms & Conditions and you will be registered immediately. No approval is needed at all, but there is some verification required in order to make smooth transactions later on.

As Global CTB is a regulated broker, it has to ensure KYC and AML compliance, which are the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies. As per these policies, traders have to submit documentation for giving proof of ID and address for confirming their identity. It is part of the broker’s security policy for creating a safer environment for its clients.

The educational and learning resources

If you are a new trader and don’t have much experience or knowledge of the market, education would be a vital feature for you. It is necessary to understand how the market works if you want to achieve success in the long-term. Otherwise, your luck will run out eventually and you could end up incurring huge losses. Global CTB has compiled a huge number of resources under its education center. You can easily find this on their website and take advantage of the information provided.

The resources are available in various formats, which include e-books, online videos and tutorials, along with courses for guidance and assistance. These cover a wide array of topics related to trading, which are great for newbies and even insightful for seasoned traders. Global CTB has also added PRO webinars for its traders that provide the latest market updates and news, which are handy for skilled traders as well.

The range of account options

As there are different types of traders in the market, brokers come up with a range of account options to facilitate as many of them as possible. Global CTB has tried to be as diverse as possible and so they have come up with six choices for their clients. The first option is the Basic account, which is exactly as the name indicates.

It has a deposit requirement of $250, gives a 30% bonus, price alerts, 24/6 customer support, Daily market review and education academy access. Next is the beginner account and it is also self-explanatory. The minimum deposit for this account is $10,000, which has a 40% bonus and a junior account manager for helping you manage your portfolio.

The Medium account is next and it can be opened with a deposit of $25,000. The welcome bonus is 60% and it has a senior account manager. The Advanced account is for advanced traders and has a deposit of $50,000. You get 70% bonus and a VIP account manager for guiding you. The Pro account is for seasoned traders and the deposit requirement is $100,000.

All features of the broker are available here, along with an 80% bonus. The VIP account is the last choice, but you cannot sign up for it because it is only offered to traders who meet certain requirements. It boasts special features and traders with a high volume are eligible for it. You can talk to your account manager to know about the requirements for opening this account.

Bottom Line

When you have evaluated these features of Global CTB carefully, you will be able to determine that they are a good and reliable broker and they will be able to cater to your needs.