Glasses For The Color Blind

Covisn glasses are lenses specially designed for people with color blindness. Red green colorblind glasses allow them to see a wider range of vibrant colors. The innovation has been shown to help 80% of people with color blindness. They essentially consist of a lens technology that contains a patented light filter. It is used with extreme caution and primarily targets the most common form of red-green blindness. It’s worth noting that Covisn glasses are not a complete cure for color blindness. An eye exam with a professional optician is needed to see if the condition can be treated.

To better understand the use of Covisn glasses, let’s take a look at what red green colorblind glasses is.

Normal color vision:

White light is actually made up of different colors of the rainbow. When entering the eye, three different parts of the visible spectrum are recognized: blue, green and red. Colors are perceived by light-sensitive photoreceptors in photopigments.

Seeing for the color blind

The most common form of color blindness occurs when the green and red color receptors overlap. This makes it difficult for the viewer to distinguish the two colors. In the worst case, different color tones can be reduced by up to 90%.

Who are Covisn glasses for?

Red green colorblind glasses are the most common form of the disease. It affects less than 5% of the world’s population of approximately 350 million people. However, men are more likely to suffer from color blindness than women. It is estimated that around one in twelve men has difficulty distinguishing between red and green, compared to just one in 200 women. This is because of the way our genetics work, in which the color blindness genes appear on the X chromosome, so this condition is transmitted by women but is rarely affected.

The color blindness between blue and yellow is believed to affect as many people worldwide as red green colorblind glasses. However, this condition tends to worsen over time and is not present at birth. As a result, the incidence of blue-and-yellow blindness is increasing due to the aging population.

There are other types of color blindness, but these are so rare that they only affect 1 in 2,000 people. However, this can vary between different subpopulations.

To find out if you are color blind, follow this quick and easy online test here. This is the purpose of the Covisn red green colorblind glasses is experienced on a large scale.

How do Covisn glasses work?

The Covisn lens was first developed by a glass scientist in the early. The technology was reportedly discovered by accident and has been the subject of intense clinical research for more than a decade. It works by filtering out wavelengths of light exactly where the color receptors overlap. The two photoreceptors were reversed to increase the color variation along the line of confusion in a person’s eyes.

It is useful to take into account that less light enters the eye during the procedure. Therefore, using such lenses at night is not recommended. Users are also warned not to wear them while driving for safety reasons.

Do Covisn glasses work?

Covisn glasses are designed to support four out of five cases of red / green blindness. It cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness as there are different degrees of color blindness from mild to severe. In severe cases of color blindness, the patient’s results with the Covisn glasses will be limited due to the lack of color vision. However, the vast majority of people with red-green blindness can see much brighter and more vivid colors when they wear glasses. This makes people feel embarrassed and ask, “What color do you think this tree is?” It can put you in front of endless questions like glasses can also allow people in the creative industry to express themselves without fear of mixing up colors. The Covisn glasses will not make it easier for people with red-green blindness to join the Air Force. Still, glasses can be useful in getting color-blind people to swallow an appropriately colored medical pill.