Giving a personal touch to women entrepreneurs’ fashion and style quotient is ace fashion and business icon, Matilda Morgan.

Her grit, passion and commitment to help top entrepreneurs make a unique impact in their businesses have helped her ace the niche.

We are living in a world that likes to get consumed or run behind overnight successes. All this while, right since the time we started growing up, people around us instill thought processes that make us think that shortcuts can get us near what we desire. However, the reality is completely an antonym to this. It is very important to realize and understand that all those people who have created great success stories for themselves are the ones who did that from the ground up. It took them immense passion, consistent efforts and hard work that helped them reach the position they enjoy today as passionate and successful professionals in their respective fields. Talking about the fashion and retail industry, one name that has been making a lot of buzz lately is an Australian entrepreneur named Matilda Morgan, who believed in her dreams and thus went ahead in turning the same into reality for her, all by herself powered by her passion and courage.

Her expertise in styling can be attributed to her decade long experience in the world of international business and fashion. Matilda Morgan grew up in the agricultural industry and since the beginning if anything that every attracted or impressed her, it was the idea to build and create things on her own. This very attitude of seeing the ‘different’ in things and trying to make something out of the same helped the youngster to enter into the fashion industry, doing a specialization in styling and image consulting. She has given all herself to the world of fashion and business for more than six years and now is the proud founder of three flourishing businesses. All these ventures show how driven Matilda Morgan has been to change the game of fashion for female entrepreneurs.

She studied International Business & Supply Chain Management at Melbourne University and RMIT. Learning new things at the university and working upon her skills with a base in supply chains helped her find the future of purpose-driven style. Soon after finishing her studies, Matilda Morgan decided to get into entrepreneurship and this is how she initiated her first business in the form of Boo & Westley, an Indonesia-based company. Boo & Westley is a fashion brand that brings together artisans to spread their unique stories through the ethically made clothing by them.

Her second venture is Slow Cartel, where she kept building on her ideas of purpose-driven style, where the clothing can be seen as a hub of sustainable style. Matilda Morgan also owns Impact Driven Style that is slowly rising as a platform for image consultancy, helping female entrepreneurs give a whole new meaning to the word ‘style’. As a style specialist, Matilda Morgan is clear in her mission to help top entrepreneurs, leaders, speakers, in creating a bigger impact by helping them gain clarity and turn their image and appearance into a powerful business asset through what they wear and how they wear it.

By helping change the perspectives of female entrepreneurs of what they wear and how they wear it, through her businesses, Matilda Morgan is helping them make a great impact in their businesses by changing the game in fashion and styling for the better.


To learn more about her, one can follow her on Instagram @matildamorganofficial.