Give your students the best driving advantage

Give your students the best driving advantage

No one knows the value of teaching quality more than the teacher. Every day in your school, you see that great teachers not only make a difference; they make the difference.

As a leader in driver education, Naveen feels the same way. In training new drivers for 80 years – almost as long as Alberta has been working on licensing – we’ve helped nearly a million students master the road. For us, it is not about preparing young people to pass the test but rather preparing them for a lifetime of safe driving.

Some of the benefits of Naveen Driver Education include:

  • Learn from government-approved driving instructors who are fluent in safer and more modern driving methods
  • Driver Ed’s holistic approach goes beyond the road test to prepare students for real-world traffic situations
  • Get picked up in school by a driving instructor
  • Full 18 hours of classroom instruction, plus the best in-vehicle teaching
  • For each student referred to Driver Ed through our high school program, your school will get $ 20 – money added quickly and can be returned to your programs!

Ultimately, we want the same thing you do for your students: empowerment, trust, and the strongest educational feature possible. Because safer guys are on the road, we are all safer.

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