Give your child proper nutrition and help they grow healthy

As you give birth to your baby, the first thing that comes to your mind is giving proper food for healthy growth. As a caring mother, you start with breast milk, but as the child becomes few weeks old, breast milk is not enough. In addition to breastfeeding, the child needs to be fed with some proper formula milk or health drinks that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is always best to feed your child milk-based products if they do not have lactose intolerance. Many baby products are available in the market, but one should look for the best and certified by regulatory bodies and pediatricians and safe for your bundle of joy. However, not all milk–based drinks are suitable for all babies, and they are classified according to age.

The starter pack

It is best to start the starter pack like frisolac step 1 when your child is between 0 to 6 months old and needs proper vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. Ensure that the milk-based product is easy to digest and contains vitamins, particularly Vitamin B6 & C. The starter pack should also give your child enough selenium, zinc, DHA, and GOS. All these are required for steady, healthy growth, develop the brain and strengthen the bones.

Again, the formula food should contain enough prebiotic fiber, fatty acids like AA or DHA, nucleotides, and other minerals. The substitute starter pack should have all ingredients present in breast milk, if not more. One should not ever compromise with the overall healthy growth of your baby. Of course, all mothers or parents take utmost care of their baby, and they get worried when their kid does not attain proper growth during the first six months. Either the quantity of breast milk is not enough for the baby for proper growth, or the mother does not produce enough. The mothers and the parents get confused and worried. It is best to introduce formula milk-based food to the baby like firsolac step 1 and other similar products and watch your baby become healthy and strong.

Strengthen the immunity system of your baby and improve the resistance power to fight all natural odds that they pass through the initial six months. It is the time when they grow rapidly and the capacity of the stomach increases. The babies need more food and demand feeding. The breast milk supplement can give your baby the required nutrition for overall consistent growth. However, make sure that the supplementary product does not contain added sucrose as they can be challenging to digest and can put your little heart in problem and pain.

It may seem that the step 1 packs are a bit costly, but the renowned manufactures do not compromise with baby foods and use the best quality products to manufacture them. Strict quality control is done, and the final product is tested time and again using different parameters to keep your baby safe. However, one should always check the best before use date of the starter pack before feeding the baby with the formula foods.


Mothers and parents keep aside the worries of proper growth of your baby. Give your little angel the best nutrition apart from breast milk and see them grow healthy and stay energetic with a broad smile.