Giraffe tools Garden hose reel Buyer’s Guide

Are you still struggling with choosing a garden hose reel? Giraffe Tools will show you what type of hose reel is the best one for your garden.

There is a huge list of projects needed to achieve the garden of your dreams, and choosing the right hose reel is at the top! Choosing the perfect hose for your garden will totally ease your work, save you time, and please all your necessities. To choose the right hose you will need to consider some aspects, such as the size and shape of your garden, take a look at our website, and you will find the products we have; We are sure that you will find what you need!

Learn about the characteristics of our different hose reel for gardens.

Giraffe Tools offers you five different types of hoses.

1. Retractable hose reel:

The One-Stop retractable hose reel for gardens is pre-installed with a 25ft-155ft hybrid hose. Equipped with smart-lock and auto rewind system. Smart-lock can lock at any length as you wish, covering every corner of your garden. The unique retractable & guidance system can roll up the hose neatly without the trouble of kinking and tangling. Give the hose a gentle tug and the hose reel will retract automatically back in.

2. Garden retractable hose reel.

This hose is designed to be wall-mounted, therefore it will be perfect to save space and leave everything clean and tidy when you finish your tasks, everything you will need is to find the perfect place to mount it on the wall and connect it to a water source so that the hose can be easily used at all times.

3. Stainless hose reel: 

The Stainless hose reel is made of industrial-grade stainless steel material. Equipped with the hose guide helps you manually wind the hose evenly around the reel with less mess. The hose holder comes with a 5 ft leader hose, which can store up to 150ft of 5/8in garden hose or 200ft of 1/2in garden hose.

The heavy metal style can be matched with a variety of styles such as concrete/wooden walls, installed on the wall or floor as needed, and it can easily cover your watering job. Make garden hose storage simple and clean!

4. Hose Reel Cart:

On the basis of the wall-mounted stainless hose reel, we have equipped it with a car and a storage basket that combines use and storage in one. Lower center of gravity provides extra stability so it won’t tip over when you pull out the hose, making it easy to maneuver.

Hose reel carts are designed for versatility in the garden, lawn, sidewalk, and backyard. It is suitable for use in a variety of environments, such as lawns and hillsides. It can help you reach every corner of your garden.

5. Garden Hose Reel Cart:

The Garden hose reel cart can hold up to 250 feet of 5/8-inch hose. Equipped with a unique hose guide system that works with a non-slip handle grip, allowing you to effortlessly wind the hose evenly and neatly on the reel in a very short time. 

The length and capacity of the hose are sufficient for daily gardening work and will help you reach every corner of your garden. Perfect for professional and commercial gardens, lawns, and patios. Ensuring a clean and tidy garden. Saving your time and energy!

6. Metal hose box:

The Metal hose box design For Opening—Easy to use and change the hose. Equipped with a crank handle and the hose guide helps you manually wind the hose evenly around the reel with less mess. The hose holder comes with a 5 ft leader hose, which can store up to 150ft of 5/8in a garden hose or 200ft of 1/2in a garden hose. But NOT with the 3/4-inch hose.

The dark green design blends perfectly into your backyard, patio, lawn, or other outdoor areas, and hides the hoses without taking up too much space. Make garden hose storage simple and clean!

Other things you need to figure out of your garden:

What size is your garden?

The size of your garden determines how long hoses you need to purchase. Usually, the longest hose available in our store is 155ft. You have to measure the distance from your water source to where you need to hose. Choose the right length of hose to ensure it can reach every corner of your garden.

What Shape is your garden?

To figure out the basics of your garden you must be able to answer these questions.:Your garden is a more basic/simple shape or more irregular shaped? Your garden is flat or slopes? Your garden with fewer obstacles, or with more obstacles? Based on these, you can choose the one that suits your garden according to the characteristics of the hose reel.

Where will you store it?

If you don’t have enough space, our wall mounted garden hose reel will be your best bet. A removable garden hose reel car is a great option if you want to keep it somewhere and take it out while you’re using it. A Metal hose box is a good product for you if you want to keep it in the garden without compromising the beauty of the garden.

To sum up, when you are choosing a garden hose, you first need to understand the characteristics of each product, and then know your own garden situation, so that you will avoid confusion when choosing as much as possible. Based on my guide, I hope you can get your best garden hose.