Gifts to Get Your Children Under 10 This Year

With the holidays rolling around, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the special people in your life. Whether you’re a parent or just have family members to spoil, gifting for kids can sometimes be a little tricky. You don’t want your present to get used once and discarded or just seen as clutter and thrown out before the recipient gets to have fun with it. If you’re shopping for a child under 10 this year, here are some ideas for gifts to give.

1. Floor Racetrack Set

The first gift you can consider for the child in your life is a floor racetrack set. These sets, like the Hot Wheels Track Builder by Mattel, come in completely customizable kits. All the pieces for a functional track are included, but the child will get to build whatever shape of track they want. If they want loop-de-loops, they can throw some in there. If they want steep bridges and a cliff, that’s doable with these sets. A racetrack kit can feed creativity and encourage family play.

2. Science Kits

The second gift to consider is a science kit. For older kids closer to 10, hands-on activities that reenact simple experiments can be incredibly enjoyable. Many of these kits are available from reputable sellers such as National Geographic, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that they’re safe and parent-approved. With one of these kits, your child can grow their own crystals, dig out dinosaur “bones,” or make their own slime. While the actual “experiment” only lasts a few minutes to an hour, the child will get to have a memento to remind them of the time you spent together. A science kit as a gift will combine learning and fun.

3. Art Supplies

Third, you could invest in some art supplies for the child in your life. Whether your gift recipient is a talented artist or not, almost every young person enjoys some form of art. Additionally, art supplies don’t always have to be paints and crayons. You could include friendship bracelet kits, sidewalk chalk, air-dry clay, or a small digital camera. Many children would love to receive one of these mediums as a gift. Depending on their age, you can help them learn the craft and get some good quality time together. These art mediums can foster a lifelong passion and create a bridge between you and your child.

4. Lego Sets

Next, Lego sets are great gifts for kids under 10. Many adults can remember a time in their own childhoods when they played with Legos and came up with truly wild creations. This hobby can be passed down to the next generation easily this holiday season. Many department stores and online retailers stock themed Lego sets from popular movies and TV shows, so your child is sure to find characters they enjoy. If you want something more all-purpose, a pack of blocks can be used to build anything a young mind can dream up. Whether your kid wants to create a rocket ship or sea creature, Lego sets are a great vehicle to accomplish that.

5. Outdoor Play Gear

Finally, your gift shopping can include some gear for outdoor play. In this day and age, kids need to be outside more and on electronics less. Gifting some activities specifically for outside use is a great way to encourage your kids to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. For instance, collapsible soccer goals are easy to set up in your yard and can provide children with hours of entertainment as they play pickup games of soccer. Similarly, toys like bikes and trampolines simultaneously teach fine motor skills while letting the kids decompress and have some fun. Whether you’re a parent or friend and want the children to enjoy some outside time, consider getting them some gear to encourage outdoor play.

Overall, your gift shopping doesn’t need to be stressful. No matter what the child in question likes to do for fun, these five gift ideas are sure to pique some interest and get a positive reaction.