Gift Ideas for Your Smoker Partner

For a smoker, smoking is everything as it acts as an integral part of their days. Smokers love to get a personalized kit to maintain their assets. If you are looking to gift something unique and engaging to your partner on his birthday, then choose a personalized gift set. It’s not just an engaging but unique idea as well. Anyways, what are you going to personalize the gift box with?

Well, there are many ideas and in this article, we will give you some of the most creative and engaging ideas to gift your smoker partner. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Cigarette Case
  • Smoking Gift Set
  • Lighter
  • Vaporizer
  • E-Flavors

Cigarette Case:

Majority of the smokers like to keep their cigarettes in the personalized cigarette case. These cigarette cases are made with sturdy material that helps to keep the cigarettes safe and well-shaped. This is one of the most engaging gifts that you can present. Moreover, they often come in customized form as well. In this way, you can personalize it with a taste that complies with your partner. Above all, it is an affordable idea so you can select a cheap yet impressive gift for your buddy.

Smoking Gift Set:

If you are looking to spend some bucks, then choose a smoking gift set for your partner. You can stuff this set with desired products to present an all in one package. For instance, you can customize a vaporizer set in this box. A vaporizer comes with several other tools such as chargers, flavors, and batteries. You can wrap them all in the set, in this way your gift will stand out from others and will impress the receiver a lot.

Male holding cigarettes and vape inhaler close up photo Premium Photo


For those who love smoking cigarettes, and cigars, lighters are the perfect gift. Lighters are classy with their compact yet attractive appearance. Smokers love to accompany themselves with a lighter customized with their name on it. This is one of the most creative gift ideas for your smoker friend. There are various brands available in the market and online ventures that provide customized lighters. Therefore, choose a professional designer and customizer your friend’s name on the lighter. Afterward, wait for your friend’s reaction upon presenting it.


If your partner loves nicotine-based tobacco-free smoke then a vaporizer is the ideal choice. These e-cigarettes produce dense and less harmful smoke that is suitable for your partner. Moreover, these vaporizers come with various nicotine levels so you can choose to depend upon your partner’s requirements. Above all, if you want your partner to quit smoking then a vaporizer is the ultimate alternative. Despite the fact it is harmful as well but not much as compared to traditional cigarettes.


E-flavors is another amazing gift idea for your smoker friend. If your partner holds a vaporizer or a pod stick then e-flavors are the ideal gift for them. Most nicotine smokers face a problem with running short of flavors. Therefore, you can amaze them with a pack of e-flavors. However, you need to remember the flavors that comply with the taste of your friend. There are various price ranges of liquid flavors depending upon your budget. So you can gift them accordingly. So choose a pack of e-flavors that are affordable yet impressive.

Rebuildable tank atomizer with high end stabilized redwood burl regulated box mods and e-liquid bottle in hand Premium Photo


To conclude, these are some of the best gift ideas that you can present to your smoker friend. One of the most amazing qualities of all these suggestions is that all of them are affordable and engaging. So surprise your partner with one of these gifts to make a memorable day for him.