Gift Box and other types of boxes from Pack-man

Boxes for presents, gifts or souvenirs are usually called gift boxes by analogy with their English name – Gift Box. The main function of such boxes is to be presentable, beautiful and exclusive packaging in which it is pleasant not only to receive the gift itself, but also to give it. Our goal is to make just such a gift wrapping and at all stages of the production cycle, the quality of the products is given special priority. Modern equipment, highly qualified personnel, a quality control system help us to fulfill not only these tasks, but also make it possible to provide our customers with optimal lead times and offer affordable prices for our products.

Where to order the production of Gift Boxes?

Many customers are wondering what is better to order expensive and very high-quality Gift Box packaging abroad or more affordable boxes made in Moscow by the Pack-Man company?

We answer this question to our clients as follows: Gift Boxes made to order at our production do not differ in quality from the best foreign counterparts and their cost is much lower. And this is not the only plus from placing an order for the manufacture of Gift Boxes in our company.

Benefits of making Gift-boxes at Pack-Man

  • Pricing. Our prices are affordable for the majority of customers and in terms of price / quality ratio they are unrivaled.
  • Various possibilities for printing and applying a corporate logo.
  • High-quality execution of the order. The black mailer boxes will be made to the highest standards and will not differ from their foreign counterparts.
  • Optimal terms of order production and strict adherence to the schedule of their implementation.
  • Savings on logistics. Our company carries out delivery in Moscow by our own transport.


Gift cards are one of the ways to promote your business. They attract new customers, retains regular clients, plus they are an excellent gift for any occasion: name day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day. Various stores issue gift cards of various designs close to specific events.

Gift cards also require appropriate packaging. Cooverbox will help you with this, because here you can order boxes for gift cards of any shape and size, as well as with an individual design. You can print a company logo, an inscription with wishes or any image that customers might like on the packaging.

Luxury boxes for gift cards

Some people consider buying gift box for cards a pointless waste of money, but this is not true. Of course, you can do without a wrapper and send gift cards just like that, but luxurious packaging can increase sales and customers’ loyalty. Experienced business owners are aware of the nuances that give them a competitive advantage over other companies.

In the Cooverbox online store, you will find high-quality products from an American manufacturer. Gift box for gift cards as well as magnetic gift boxes are made of paper, not plastic. The manufacturer cares about the environment and doesn’t make products that could potentially harm it. Another benefit is that paper boxes are slightly cheaper than plastic ones and weigh less, which is convenient for transportation.

What can you use luxury boxes for?

Customers can use card boxes for gifts for any occasion, because thanks to the individual design, we can make packaging for birthdays or any other memorable and special occasion. Also, stylish and beautiful packaging itself can serve as an excellent addition to a gift, such as a postcard.

The cost of gift boxes for greeting cards is quite low, it is more convenient and more profitable to order goods in bulk than to regularly buy packagings in retail.

Features of boxes for gift cards from Cooverbox

The special feature of Cooverbox products is that customers can create their own packagings. The site offers to choose a shape (round, rectangular, square, etc.), size (small or large), and colour. Of course, creating a custom design is a great advantage.

Where can you order wholesale custom boxes for gift cards cheap?

Customers can order valentines gift boxes or any other type of packages and boxes. The Cooverbox store delivers worldwide. We have everything you need to run a successful sales business. Individuals will find many useful products for themselves, too, from boxes to envelopes for gift cards.