Getting NIF Portugal without Going Anywhere: a Practical Guide

When a person has to face something particularly new, he is likely to feel a bit confused. If getting NIF online is a step that you plan to take in the near future, it is a great idea to study this article to see what you need to be ready for and what the process will look like in this case at all.

Make Sure Such an Option Suits You

There are some people who may experience a lot of worries because of a certain reason. If the whole idea of requesting NIF online seems to be inconvenient for you or you do not feel okay when trying to imagine you are doing this, it may be sensible to refuse such an undertaking. Those who want to visit the local tax office and proceed with requesting NIF there are surely free to act so.

However, actually, there is nothing to be afraid of at all. The most important aspect and task you need to go through is finding a reliable team. If you are successful in this step, everything will be just perfect as a result of such cooperation.

Be Ready to Present the Data about Yourself

Getting NIF online Portugal is about being prepared for sharing your data with people who will be processing your documents. If you have found a good team, you will be able to receive your NIF safely and the data will not be transferred to third parties. All the info stated in your documents will be used just for the purpose of interacting with Portuguese authorities who will issue your NIF number in the end, and you will receive it in PDF format.

Find the Right Team

Well, and now, you have a chance to get real close to the most important aspect: what shall you do in order to find those who will deliver qualitative service? Actually, there are not too many steps to take here. Follow below to get acquainted with this info.

  1. Primarily, it is essential to investigate what the site of the intermediary looks like. It has to be extremely clear and pleasant to deal with. There should not be any odd info that is not going to help at all. All the data suggested there must be closely linked to the process of getting NIF and include the list of the docs to get ready, the description of the service, the price, and so on.
  2. It is an awesome idea to check how the representatives of a particular team interact with you as a client. You may simply ask a few questions about the service, and analyze in what manner they respond to you. Politeness, effectiveness, and the fast speed of getting a response are the most crucial aspects here.
  3. Make sure the price is okay. Facing crazy figures may mean that you are likely to be misled as a result of the cooperation.

Do Everything the Way Its Representatives Tell You 

When you are sure about the team you have selected, it is time to get ready to provide the staff with the essential data about you. By this, getting ready the appropriate copies is meant. Usually, a copy of your passport and proof of address are going to be enough. In some cases, you might have to provide some more docs but these situations are exceptional.

Well, you need to get ready the copies of the docs and enclose them on the website of the provider. Besides, it is essential to fill in the application that is about to be suggested to you. Biometric verification is among further steps to take too.

Do not worry: all of this is not going to require too much time from you. You will be able to complete everything rather quickly.

Pay a Fee

You also need to pay a fee in order to launch the process of issuing your NIF. By the way, a price of 70 EUR is going to be just fine to come across. Some intermediaries are also eager to suggest a year of tax representation that is included in this cost which is awesome. If you are a non-resident of Portugal, you are about to be obliged to have such a representative. Otherwise, you may receive a fine.

Enjoy the Result You Get!

Very soon, you are about to get your NIF number. Be a bit patient, and you will have a unique chance to savor all the perks of having NIF. And, to tell the truth, there are quite a few of them!

Do not worry in case there is a delay taking place. This may happen because of holidays and other causes. Just be patient, and everything will be fine! Good luck!

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