Getting geared up with better communication skills for the new year

You might think that having over a hundred followers on your list makes you a very popular person. But how close are you to those people? Have they all even seen you in real life? Use your chat messenger app to befriend more people that you’ve met in real life as opposed to adding strangers. NEEO Messenger is a video calling app that helps you connect with other NEEO users across the globe. You can make new friends and also maintain effective communication with the people you already know. The app makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your loved ones. There are various features that you can use to enhance your online social life. Regardless of all the reasons you weren’t able to be a good friend, colleague or sibling in the previous year, promise yourself to be a better person this year. And for improving relationships the first thing you need to do it improve your communication skills.

  1. Make friends on a global level:

You can make friends with people from different parts of the world without hesitation using NEEO’s chat translation feature. This feature can translate audio and text messages into over a hundred languages. You can even translate documents using the feature. Now there’s no way you can’t improve communication with foreign friends. You can also form successful work relationships with people from all around the globe.

  • Make friends in your neighborhood:

While it seems quite adventurous to make friends who can only be reached via messages and phone calls, we tend to forget we have neighbors too. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have your closest of friends living close to home? The NEEO nearby future helps you locate other NEEO users on a map. With the NEEO nearby feature, you can find friends who live close to home. Use your chat messenger app to turn neighbors into friends.

  • Stay in touch with more people:

NEEO’s instant messaging feature helps you stay in touch with several people simultaneously. In this day and age, you can become financially independent but you still need support from friends and colleagues. And several other people helped us at some point in life. We should stay in touch with those people to express our gratitude towards them. A message is the most convenient form of communication when you want someone to know you’re thinking of them.

  • Have detailed conversations:

Messages are short and sweet but for maintaining strong bonds you need more intimate emotional interaction. Among the many friends on your list you know which ones are closest. For those few people, you should find time to make calls. Call them up at least once a week using NEEO’s HD Calling feature. Pour your heart out but more importantly be a good listener. You can never tell what your loved ones are going through unless you hear them out properly.

  • Improve team coordination:

It is important to stay in touch with loved ones but you constantly need to hone your professional communication skills too. You can be a more successful professional if you actively participate in individual and group chats. Stay on top of things by asking for updates and by exchanging reminders regarding important matters. Have virtual meetings daily if your team members can’t physically get together. Use your video calling app to connect virtually so you’re all on the same page before you enter a meeting with the clients.

  • Adding a human angle to corporate life:

There was a time when colleagues were those people you met only at work for a limited period. But now, colleagues sometimes tend to be more a part of our lives than other friends. And while employees are allowed to work home, the 9-5 shift no longer exists for many organizations. Colleagues are constantly in touch with each other while working on team projects. And since they are away from the office environment, the tone of the conversation is less formal. By treating your colleagues like friends, you can be more professionally productive.

  • Creating ease for everyone:

People often form bonds motivated by personal gain, but sometimes you should communicate without personal motives. If a distant relative, friend of a friend or anyone you know seems to be in distress, talk to them and try to ease their pain by letting them know you care. If you heard someone in your neighborhood who recently got divorced is undergoing depression, meet her or call her up. It doesn’t take much to lend a little support to someone in need.

With every passing year we come across some situations which we feel we can handle, and some which are out of our hands. But no matter how challenging the circumstances, we can get through with the support of our loved ones and well-wishers.

Communication is a process that demands active effort from all the people involved. But instead of expecting others to make more effort, we should take the first step and initiate a well-meaning conversation. NEEO Messenger is a video calling app that lets you make crystal clear calls to your loved ones. Use your chat messenger app to share your love with more people.