Getting an All On 4 Dental Implant

When it comes to smiling improvement, dental implants have emerged as the latest technology in the field. It is a fact that no other method has gained such wide popularity. With a proper alignment of jawbones, all on 4 dental implants support the adjacent teeth and provide enhanced strength and durability. This leads to improved chewing ability, lesser gagging, and better bite.

All-on-4 dental implants vs. overdentures

All-on-4 dental implants are most suitable for patients who have chipped, broken, or damaged teeth that ordinary procedures like crowns cannot fix. The reason for this is that all-on-4 dental implants provide a strong and durable support system for the replacement tooth. Dental implant overdentures are generally used in patients who need dentures but do not want to suffer from the oral hygiene problems associated with them. Dental implant overdentures are much stronger than ordinary dentures and can even prevent infections from happening in the long run.

Benefits of dental implants

The benefits of dental implants include; they help in achieving better all-round health of teeth and mouth. These help in eliminating most problems that are often associated with missing teeth. There is no longer any requirement to fear about the shape of your teeth as they remain perfect. The procedure is painless and is accompanied by immediate results. This helps in boosting confidence which in turn improves self-esteem.

After the entire procedure is complete, the patient can go back to regular life with less pain and discomfort. The benefits of dental implants include; increased chewing ability, enhanced bite, better chewing performance, improved facial appearance, and more confidence. The best part of all is that they do not cause any side effects. Another benefit is that patients can regain their previous confident self after recovering from any dental implant-related surgery. In the past, most patients had to face the risk of denture cripple or jaw fracture after recovery.

Beware of the risks

Before getting an all-on-4 dental implant procedure done, you need to understand the entire process completely. It would help if you had a clear picture of how the process will work. Before going for dental implants, the dentist thoroughly cleans the teeth and mouth. They clean each tooth individually to ensure that there is no disease or infection. The dentist must check the condition of teeth and gums before proceeding with any treatment. Before treatment, if you feel any pain in your jaw or teeth, visit a dentist as soon as possible.

You should also be aware of the risks associated with the procedure. You need to take proper steps to safeguard your health and interests during the process. You should consult a dentist before proceeding with any procedure.

A qualified oral surgeon must be consulted

A qualified oral surgeon who is experienced in performing dental implants must be consulted for the procedure. During this, they will take into consideration the shape of the jaw bone and surrounding tissues. After the assessment is complete, the desired prosthetic teeth are prepared if bone grafting is required.