Getronics is launching a New Leadership Programme to help grow their workforce in collaboration with TSW training

ILM — Provides leaders and managers with the skills, tools, and knowledge to lead and develop their teams to achieve the company’s strategic goals and financial results. To develop a leadership role Getronics’s Head of Learning and Development Dr. Salvatore Baglieri (Assoc. CIPD ANLP HC) to launch a 15-month duration leadership program in association with the ILM. Merit goes also to his team for the creation of these amazing bite-size courses, Bhargabi Lokajanani (Lui) , Isabel Garcia Huerta, and Helena Valles Aniceto.

Getronics main purpose to launch GetLead is the development of personal leadership skills in order to form an effective team. Teamwork has defined keys that not only go through the organization of the individuals in a group but rather it is necessary to put into practice certain fundamental strategies in the functioning of the team.

Through an experiential methodology (with outdoor training methodology) one learns to manage a heterogeneous group to turn it into an efficient team and delves into the leadership qualities of teams that each person has to enhance in order to become a good manager of groups.

At the same time, the ability to communicate effectively between the team is perhaps the most fundamental skill for any professional. To achieve the desired objectives, there must be a flow of information in several directions: vertical, horizontal … The more effective the communication, the better the overall performance and the higher the level of achievement of objectives.

Motivating, delegating, organizing, solving problems, and obtaining information are skills of managers that are based on the ability to establish good contact with other members of the company; that is to say, in the skills and techniques of interpersonal communication.

This program will help the busy manager move from the “bug-fixing” management style to the “goal-achieving” style of coaching. Building relationships and face-to-face business collaboration are critical to effective business performance. 60% of young business professionals say they are not comfortable in business and social settings and 85% say they do not have the connections they need to achieve their goals.

Also, addressing leadership challenges helps anyone shift their attention from results to creating optimal conditions in three key leadership action areas. Anyone will learn how to be more effective leaders, rather than individual collaborators.

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