Get Your Facts Right – 10 Facts About Mobile Gaming

The majority of individuals nowadays walk around with their phones nearly glued to their palms. We appear to be utterly reliant on our electronic devices. To keep our brains entertained, we spend most of our time chatting with friends, going through social media, perusing the Web, and playing games. Our gaze is constantly drawn to tiny screens, and a steady clicking sound can be heard all around us. Does this sound like you? I certainly know it’s me! I do everything on my phone, from shopping to playing poker online. But, besides poker, the thing that keeps me entertained is mobile gaming. My love for mobile gaming got me thinking, and I started to research it, and I found some amazing facts and stats. Here are the ten best ones that I found.

1. Casual Gaming – Casual games are typically easier to play, shorter, and need fewer learning abilities. According to statistics, casual gamers account for 58.86 percent of persons who play mobile games. At 56.5 percent and 55.08 percent, puzzle and arcade mobile games come in second and third, respectively.

2. A New Way of Learning – Mobile games may be the best toy, but not just because they’re so much fun to play. There are many games available for boosting one’s knowledge in an engaging manner that schools could only dream of. For example, Angry Birds is a great brain booster because the gameplay is solely focused on the trajectory, momentum, and gravitational laws, all of which are taught in a fun and engaging way.

3. The First Game – In 1994, the first mobile game was released. It came pre-installed as a Tetris version on the Hagenuk MT-2000 mobile phone. Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian game designer, created the tile-matching puzzle game. In 1997, Nokia released Snake, which quickly became one of the most popular video games, with over 400 million copies sold worldwide.

4. Most Downloaded Game – While Roblox, Candy Crush Saga, and Coin Master are the top three grossing iPhone mobile game apps, the picture changes dramatically when downloads are taken into account. Garena Free Fire was named the best mobile game globally by App Annie.

5. Brain Training – You can keep your marbles by playing games on your phone. Researchers at the University of Iowa discovered that playing mobile app games keeps your brain sharp for up to seven years longer as you become older.

6. Big in Asia – According to 2022 mobile gaming data, Asia accounts for about half of the market, generating $34.114 billion in revenue from over 905 million users. China generates $21.02 billion, accounting for around 61 percent of Asian revenue.

7. Mobile Gaming is Good for You – According to a fascinating study conducted by Twitch, gamers appear to be more socially active than non-gamers. They also seem to be more educated, optimistic, conventionally successful, closer to their families, and, most crucially, more socially aware.

8. Time Well Spent – Every month, users spend roughly 1.15 billion hours on their cellphones playing games. Each day, the average gamer spends about 24 minutes playing games. This helps to understand why publishers concentrate their efforts on mobile gaming platforms.

9. Loyal Americans – User retention is the greatest in North America, according to AppsFlyer data. While global user retention for gaming apps on Day 30 is only 3.1 percent, it is significantly higher in North America at 3.9 percent. Furthermore, retention rates are 3.6 percent higher on Day 1 and Day 3 than in other locations.

 10. Girl Power – Women between the ages of 35 and 44 are the most frequent users of mobile app games, accounting for 53% of the entire population.

The widespread use of iOS and Android smartphones has radically altered the retail portable game market. As a result, the future of mobile gaming appears bright, with smartphone and tablet sales surging, game app downloads exploding, and cloud gaming taking popularity.