Get to know the rising artist Lonzy Los Lucid aka LLLucid

Lonzy Los Lucid, now known as LLLucid, is an unconventional Mississippi-born and Texas raised hip-hop/rap & RnB musician. He began making music in 2013 from the extension of writing poetry during his after school activities. Music is a natural calling that continues to be a driving force for LLLucid and his career today.

He strives to give his listeners the experience of trippy lucidity through the self-actualization of one’s dreams and desires. LLLucid’s ambience is similar to the likes of Tory Lanez, Russ, Bryson Tiller, Drake and Kanye West.

LLLucid’s diverse style is constantly evolving, present in his dynamic lyricism and production, inspired by different music and cultures around the world.

If you ever feel lost, take a trip through LLLucid’s creative mind.