Get the property consultation in NZ from New Zealand Property Buyers

Last year, I opened a seafood restaurant near Devonport. My business is going very well. I have drenched my blood and sweat to grow my business. Likewise, I cannot overlook my family. Being a father of two fantastic boys, I want to spend quality time with them. Unfortunately, my current residential place is almost 45 minutes drive away from my restaurant. It makes me tired. I decided to move to a new house near Devonport.


I decided to find a local real estate buyer’sagent in NZ to buy a house. My business partner suggested me to seek help from New Zealand Property Buyers. It was very relaxing for me to get an online consultation from a buyer’s agent. I visited the website and left my queries. After 5 hours I got a reply from their proactive team member. We had a meeting via Skype to discuss my requirements. My property buyer’s agent was very professional, flexible to communicate, and humble.


He asked me to stay calm. The experienced buyer’s agent in NZ shared a portfolio based on market analysis, risk factors, and growth rate. I was ready to pay a 45% downpayment. We had a meeting with an expert broker who advised me to go for a table loan to ensure regular payments. I thoroughly examined the portfolio and decided to trust them. Perhaps, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He shared a database of available houses in my locality to choose from.


After spending hours and hours exploring the houses through pictures, I selected some options to make visits. Up till now, we had online meetings. An expert buyer’s agent came for home inspection visits. It strengthened my trust in them. He had a bird’s eye to inspect infrastructure, electric connections, molds, garden, and back lawn. I drove there on alternative days to ask different questions from neighbors.


The neighbors informed me about the locality and facilities. Finding the right house was like a hard nut to crack. Finally, I and my wife selected a house. The buyer’s agent prepared all contracts under the surveillance of expert lawyers. To my surprise, all the documents were verified by them as well. The buyer’s agent negotiated on my behalf. Only an expert property agent knows how to reply to the flattery statements of sellers.


Moreover, he informed me about every step. All the transactions were made without any delay. He advised me to read the contract carefully. I seconded his opinion and the deal was sealed. Even, I prioritized his suggestions to meet the post-transaction issues. I am satisfied with their experienced property consultation services. We spend a lovely time on weekends enjoying visits to beaches and admiring the skyline. If you want to spend quality time with your family on beaches, visit Devonport. Thanks to New Zealand Property Buyers for finding the best house. I really admire your efforts. Hats off to your team! You can count on them to get professional property consultation in New Zealand at affordable rates.