Get the Most Durable PP Jumbo Sling Bag For Yourself At the Best Price


PP Jumbo Sling Bag is the choice carrying bag for people who require it to Store or transport dry products. The items that can be stored in any FIBC Sling Bag made up of PP can be sand, granules, pebbles, fertilizer, etc. You can very well understand that it is highly durable and can endure hefty loads easily. After all, the FIBC in FIBC Jumbo Sling Bag stands for a flexible intermediate bulk container. Being true to its name, it is one of the essential items of many industries that require the transportation of heavy materials like the ones mentioned above. 

Understanding the Utility of a PP Jumbo Sling Bag

The PP Jumbo Sling Bag is generally white and has a heavy-duty feel to it. The bag can sit upright on its own. Therefore, it is perfect for flow-able material storage purposes when it is being transported. Made by industrial-grade plastic polymer Polypropylene (abbreviated as PP), it is well known for its broad utility. 

The PP Jumbo Sling Bag may sometimes feel like a basic fabric bag, but it will feel much tougher once you touch it. This fabric is used in the FIBC Sling Bag intelligently such that two separate layers are present to offer more excellent resistance to wear and tear. On the inside is a single layer of the PP fabric material, and it is covered by another laminated layer that encompasses the inner layer as a loose garment. You can even find Jumbo Bags with PE liner or Barrier Liners present. They add to the strength of the bag and make them more portable. 

PP Jumbo Bags are a Technological marvel.

The PP Jumbo Sling Bags are technological Marvels because even though these bags are incredibly light and can be stored anywhere, they can carry extremely high loads. For this reason, you also have to purchase these bats from a trusted source so that you are not given a bag made with unscrupulous materials. Therefore, it will not only be a waste of money but can also damage the product that you want to transport. 

Different qualities and grades of PP Jumbo Bags are available 

Depending upon your requirement, you can purchase Jumbo bags of different styles. Some Jumbo bags come as a coated variety and some uncoated. Depending on its type, the price will also vary. It would help if you also kept in mind that the thickness of the PP Jumbo bag will determine how much weight it can carry. As the thickness increases, the weight holding capacity of the FIBC Jumbo bags will also increase. 

PP Jumbo bags are Customizable.

Another important reason industry select the PP Jumbo bags to transport their goods is that they are highly customizable. White is the primary colour that companies choose to create their bags with; this allows them to customize the PP Jumbo bags according to the client’s requirements. In addition, you can add your company’s logo to your PP Jumbo bags when transporting goods. This will make the bags look professional and can also be a great marketing tool. 

Advantages of Jumbo Bags made up PP

Non-toxic, safe material

The FIBC Sling Bag is made up of non-toxic materials; therefore, many items can be stored in it. The material will not react with its contents in any way. Therefore, from things like sand, ceramic sand, construction waste, lime, fertilizer, sawdust, cement, plastic resins, ore powder, urea, minerals, aluminium ore, tea, iron ore, granules to food grains like rice, wheat, seeds, coffee beans, corn, soybeans, potatoes, etc. can all be stored without any hassle. 

Can be Recycled

The woven PP bags are unique as even though they are made with plastic, they can be recycled entirely. This means that they are highly sustainable. Even they are made with durable material as to their environmentally-friendly mould. The bags can be used and reused multiple times without any hassle. When they become out of use, they can be easily carried over to a recyclable plant to be melted down and made into other products. 

The bags are easy to maintain and are antibacterial. 

Just because these bags are used does not mean they act as a hindrance to any cleaning process. With just water, you will be able to clean the bags without any problem. Since they are made of polypropylene, drying them is also not a hassle. The fact that they are also antibacterial also helps keep it clean so that a large variety of items, including food grains, can be kept in it. 


The PP Jumbo Sling bags have a lot of advantages. If you have a business that requires portable storage materials, then choosing this bag will be the best decision you can take. 

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