Get Gorgeous and Engage Consumers With These 5 Web Design Color Schemes

We’ve all been to that website. You know, the one with an outdated color scheme that screams 1999. Or the one with background and font colors so similar you can’t read what’s going on. 

There are also websites so visually loud and over-the-top that you feel frantic just looking at them. When it comes to websites, visuals matter.

But what are the best web design color schemes? And how do you make them work for you? Keep reading as we explore five website design palettes that’ll take your site to the next level.

Why Web Design Color Schemes Matter

Before diving into our top picks for the best colors for web design, let’s take a closer look at some basic esthetic rules. After all, color remains one of the most powerful tools in a designer’s arsenal.

In other words, the hues you choose can make or break your finished product.

That said, if you’re not an experienced designer, it can feel overwhelming to know which palate to embrace. You’ll want to start by asking yourself a few basic questions. 

For example, do you want your design to be bold or provocative? Do you want it to exude intelligence and elegance? Or are you after something that proves inviting? 

Based on the answers to these questions, there’s an ideal hue theme for your website. Let’s explore five potential options that are flashy, compelling, and always attractive. 

1. Vibrant Accent Colors 

When you combine shades of violet and blue with vibrant orange and red accents, you create an unforgettable website. The contrast between the brilliant cool background and the orange-red accents will draw your customers’ eyes right where you want them. 

2. Fresh and Cool Visuals

A website themed around emerald green and imperial blue creates a refreshing, clean scheme. It’s evocative of water and the ocean. You’ll find this color range ideal for communicating a sense of reliability, stability, and tranquility.

3. Earthy and Nature-Toned

Consider going with earth tones, including sky blue, khaki green, and shades of earth for a grounded and stable feel. This “down-to-earth” theme exudes sustainability and an organic vibe. If your website deals in issues related to environmental consciousness, this is the palette you need. 

4. Balanced and Colorful

If you’re looking for a color scheme that packs a vibrant punch without appearing overwhelming, then considered a mixture of cool and warm hues. They might include earthy terracotta and bright bluish-greens.

The result? A contemporary website with a youthful vibe. While highly appealing, this theme will never make your eyes feel exhausted. 

5. Eye-Catching and Punchy

Did you like the balanced and colorful website design color scheme? But you’d ultimately like something that packs a little more punch? Then, consider a combination of turquoise and coral red. 

You’ll adore how the cooler blue hues balance the bold red colors, resulting in a modern and edgy finished product. Yet, it doesn’t get any more eye-catching than this colorful assortment. 

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Business Web Design Tips

The five selections above are excellent places to start when it comes to the best colors for a business website. Each of these combinations will place your website head and shoulders above the competition. 

Are you interested in exploring more web design color schemes? Browse our articles now for the tips you need to rock your internet presence.