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Fleet management is a challenging task because handling a set of vehicles at the same time is not simple. When you have one vehicle and you use it for your facility or as a taxi, you have to keep your vehicle up to date. You have to spend money on maintenance as well as on fuel. If the vehicle meets any accident, you have to spend money. Even, minor accidents and dents on the vehicle can charge you a handsome amount. When you run a fleet for business purposes, your expenses may exceed your earning limit. Therefore, insurance is necessary to run a fleet successfully. If you have fleet insurance done, you will be tension free and all your fleet expenses will be managed easily.

Fleet insurance

Fleet insurance applies to the set of vehicles running under the same ownership, working for the same purpose. Fleet insurance is different than regular insurance and life insurance etc. You must have some knowledge before you apply for Fleet insurance. There are levels of insurance and you should go for the one which fulfills your requirements. The levels of fleet insurance and the levels of covering insurance are:

  • Comprehensive Cover, including:
  • Third-party Fire and Theft
  • Third-Party only

In third party fire and theft cover, fire and theft are covered and it is a cost-effective level of insurance. The third-party only includes damage to the vehicle of the other party (third party) due to your vehicle and liabilities to injuries to passengers. To cover these issues, you should get insurance quotes first and then go for some reasonable and suitable insurance for you. If you are a fleet owner, you can get fleet insurance quotes with compare fleet insurance.

Categories covered by Compare Fleet insurance

Following categories are covered by Compare Fleet insurance company:

  • Multi-Car Insurance
  • Van Fleet
  • Courier Fleet
  • HGV Fleet Insurance
  • Taxi Fleet Insurance
  • Small Fleet Insurance
  • Family Fleet Insurance
  • Any Driver Fleet Insurance
  • Self Drive Hire Insurance
  • Electric Vehicle Fleet Insurance

Features of Compare Fleet Insurance

Compare Fleet insurance is a company which provides insurance and insurance quotes for fleets (set of vehicle). You should always check which breakdown cover is right for you, before you apply for any fleet insurance. Fleet insurance breakdown cover provides both business and family fleet insurance facility. You just need to fill a form online and get fleet insurance from UK brokers. The prominent features of Compare Fleet Insurance are:

  • You can get Multi fleet insurance quotes at the same time
  • You will have opportunities to compare Insurance policies
  • The company will cover all UK and European Insurance
  • Complete the form easily and quickly
  • Breakdown assistance is available

The additional facilities that you will enjoy are:

  • No hidden charges and extras
  • You can pay the installments on annual basis
  • Claim and monitor the history
  • Security is necessary, secure your vehicles

Always read the policy, terms, and conditions before you apply for insurance. Before you apply for insurance, get fleet insurance quotes with compare fleet insurance here. The terms and conditions will also help you to choose which breakdown cover is right for you.