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New York City located in the Hudson River which meets with Atlantic ocean. The city has become the most popular place among people for traveling. In the city, you can explore many beautiful and amazing places for enjoying the trip. It is the best city to visit with family and loved ones to enjoy skyscrapers. Using the delta airlines reservation you can book cheap flights tickets and have affordable price traveling. New York is one of the greatest cities equipped with world-famous activities to enjoy with family and friends. While opting delta airlines you should immediately book tickets at heavy discounts. In the city, you are provided with lots of opportunities to explore the most famous places and numerous world-famous museums. The city provides a chance of sightseeing delight spaces and new tourist attraction has opened in the city. Delta airlines provide many types of facilities so that you can enjoy traveling the long distance. In the airlines, you can also take benefits of unlimited entertainment options for passing long haul destinations with ease.

Statue of Liberty

The world-famous statute which provides a symbol of freedom and it is built-in 1886. The statute feet is about to 152 tall and carries 450,000 pounds. You can take the look of the beauty of the statue from battery parks located on the tip of Manhattan. The city provides you the chance to have to close up look of the statue of liberty.

Metropolitan museum of art

By opting delta airlines reservation service you can enjoy museum founded in the year 1870 and the most famous. In the museum, you can explore more than two million art work and it belongs to spanning a period which is 5,000 years ago. Even you can also explore the museum into three sites. In the museum, you can also enjoy exhibitions where you can see world-famous work.

Empire state building

This building is the most famous landmark of the city and key attraction for travelers. The height of the building is 381 meter and you can view the outstanding picture of the city from the top floor. You have also seen the building in many movies and shows. The building view is incredible through which you can enjoy every space of the building.

High line

This is the place which is the most popular attraction of the city and it has been transformed into an urban walking trail. In this place, you can enjoy a peaceful walk with your partner and enjoy a romantic moment. Don’t miss the chance and book tickets with the use of delta airlines reservations at affordable price. There you can also explore parks with full of greenery.

Times Square

This is the place with lots of beautiful screens and billboards and the best time to travel is evening. The place provides you with exciting activities and it is the place where new year eve take place. The place is always full of crowd and busy offers it unique appealing among tourist. You can also appreciate the beauty of the place by sitting at bleachers.

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