Get An In-Depth Knowledge About Lipoma and Their Treatment

A human body has a complex design structure. All the organs are placed in proper order. But sometimes, certain anomalies may arise. One such medical condition is Lipoma. A lipoma is a formation of a fatty lump hidden under the skin. There is no known cause of this condition. However, it is usually seen in people above the age of 40 years.

Most Lipomas are not harmful to your body. Though, you might feel some discomfort. In case of any severe problem, your doctor will remove the lump 

In Which Parts Lipoma is Formed?

Lipoma can occur in any part of our body. Some of the major locations where a lump can be formed are the neck, forearms, back, and thighs. Here, an uncomfortable situation may arise in tight areas.

These fatty tissues can be removed using simple procedures. A doctor will advise for surgery only when the tissue is converted into angiolipoma. These types of lipomas are painful and may impact the health of an individual. 

How Does Lipoma Develop in the Human Body?

Lipomas can develop during birth or later stages of life. Most are formed due to a genetic disorder. Though, some can also develop due to an injury or a certain disease. In medical studies, this type of tissue growth is also termed, benign tumor. It means that lipomas are non-cancerous and cause no harm to the human body.

 Certain disorders like adiposis dolorosa result in the development of multiple lipomas on the body. These lipomas are painful and are called angiolipomas. Such conditions require proper medical treatment. 

 Early Signs of a Lipoma

During the initial phase of lipoma, one can easily figure out by looking at these symptoms:

Soft bump

This is the first thing you will notice in a lipoma. Though, the development of a lump under the skin can be a sign of other complications. Therefore, one should consult their physician for further examination.

Glossy skin

Due to the slight budge, the skin might become shiny. That confirms an underlying problem. 

Movable lump

Lipomas are usually made of fat. If you can move the lump with a finger, that means it’s a type of lipoma.


The structure of a lipoma does not have any color. You will notice this region having similar skin color as the rest of the body. 

Slight discomfort or pain

In most conditions, lipomas do not cause any pain or discomfort. But sometimes due to external pressure or tight areas, these tissues can impact your health. Disorders like angiolipoma cause pain in the particular region.

How do doctors diagnose and treat lipomas?

Diagnosis of Lipoma

Physical Test

The dermatologist will perform a thorough examination of the targeted area. The first thing to check is if the area is soft to touch and movable. Also, if the lump causes any pain, then further tests are conducted.

Scanning and biopsy

Some cancerous lumps called liposarcoma can mimic the symptoms like a lipoma. To rule out any possibility, the doctors will run several scans. Often, MRI and CT-scans are conducted. Mostly these are non-intrusive methods. But in some scenarios, the doctors may perform an invasive procedure. 

In addition to that, a biopsy is also performed. In this process, a tissue sample is taken and sent for lab testing.

Treatment of Lipoma 

Generally, a doctor will not advise for any treatment. But if the problem persists and the condition is affecting the patient’s life, then certain procedures are performed:

Injectable drugs

Certain steroids are injected directly into the lipoma.


The affected area is completely removed to prevent further growth.


The lipomas are made of fat. Therefore, this technique is useful in removing such tissues.

Where to get Treatment for Lipoma?

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