Get Amazing Designs for Your Cupcake Boxes with Printing Techniques


The food industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. And a part of that is the cakes and confectionary industry, worth around $200 million, and snowballing still. Today, we have all sorts of cakes and cupcakes that range from the high end and fancy ones from the bakeries of Paris and London to the bran sustenance ones for people with diabetes. There are thousands and thousands of cake designs, flavors, and tastes.

In 1796, someone decided that putting all the texture and flavor of a whole cake, into small and lightweight cups was a good idea. And it was. That is how we got our modern-day cupcakes.
The “cupcake” invention took the world by storm and is still going strong today. Apart from being one of the most popular culinary recipes in the world, they are a profitable business prospect for aspiring chefs who can bring a dash of creativity to their flavor. Serving attractively decorated fairy cakes, with icing, toppings, and what not, is bound to lure people into your bakery. Once they do, help them the perfect little cakes in perfectly designed cupcake boxes, and spread the happiness and joy that good food brings to us.

Cake in a box

The idea of food preservation is reasonably straightforward. It is perishable and needs to be wrapped up safely to prevent it from going rancid or decaying. Cupcakes are not exempt. The art of the food presentation is secondary to the necessity of preservation.

Food boxes serve a few important purposes, which we have made a list of:

  • Protect the items from environmental factors like sunlight, moisture, microbes like bacteria and fungus, and putrid odors that might get absorbed. In effect, it serves to provide packaging that prevents the quality of the commodity from being affected by the environment. Transit and warehousing are rough experiences for any edible product, and they need proper protection not to get damaged between the time they are produced and consumed. Once it is safely on a shelf, we also rely upon that cardboard packaging to help extend the shelf life of the product and make it stay fresh for as long as possible.

  • We shop with our eyes. And that is what manufacturer’s bank upon when they spend time, effort, and money on making the wrapping of their items as eye-catching and attractive as possible. Visual stimulus affects subconscious thoughts about buying a particular topic. Packaging serves to provide a positive incentive and influence people into buying that product.

  • Branding is important. And in an industry as competitive as this, producers definitely need something that sets them apart from others. Product differentiation and branding are used to make your product recognizable and promote a brand image. If not for the custom printed boxes, logos, catchphrases, and attractive designs, companies like Coca Cola and Cadbury would not be making as many sales as they are right now.

Cupcakes and boxes

The packaging is important. But that does not mean it cannot be made fun. What really will set your bakery products apart is the way in which it is presented. And for that, you need to focus on the designing and aesthetic appeal of your cake box.


Get in touch with an excellent printing service that will help you design an artistic and creative container to give to your customers.
Do not forget the importance of the “unwrapping experience” for most consumers. Data shows that customers like to open packages that are beautifully packed and displayed. So, if you are thinking of bring your baking skills to the competitive world of cake cuisine, make sure that you are relying on more than your taste alone.
The why’s of printing and designing on boxes for cakes
Luxury boxes might seem to a bit of expense, especially if you are small scale retail. Simple, cardboard boxes seem more of an option as they are cheap and readily available.
But you don’t want that. Food shops depend on return sales. And return sales depend upon the experience the customer had the first time. Creating an impression is what matters. Also, printing is a great way to promote your bakery. Custom printed boxes serve as sources of free marketing and will help establish your brand image in the area you are serving in.
A simple box will not do that. Instead, it makes your product seem cheap and ordinary. Here are some ways in which you can design better custom boxes to make your items look more appealing:
• Get in touch with a good printing company that specializes in creating these types of tables. They can give you more ideas about how to differentiate yourself. Make sure that they use quality ink to make your package look cute and pretty.

  • Keep in mind what theme you are going with: elegant and classy, fun and bubbly, colorfully attractive, or some other sort of impact you want your baked items to make. Design your box accordingly and enhance that effect.

  • Customize. The shape, size, color, design, pattern, decoration, window size, side flaps, and any other aspect of the little container that is storing your cake. It will also help you to display the creativity and exquisiteness of your cuisine. An excellent printing and designing company will help you out with this.
    Be it cakes, pastries, macarons, or any other bakery item; the packaging will retain its importance and influence. As a seller, you need to realize that and focus on making the visual impact as stunning as possible.


 The taste comes later on, once the customer has bought the item. In order to charm the buyer into buying from your retail outlet, from amongst the hundreds of others competing for sales, you need to stand out and be unique. Use effective printing techniques to make your custom designed box more appealing and capable of enticing anyone into buying a big box of your very own fairy cakes.