Get a loan despite the Enforcement Officer’s debt

The best option is of course to pay off the debt as soon as possible and then wait the 6 months needed to get many more options for borrowing. But sometimes it can be absolutely necessary to be able to borrow on a straight arm and then you can not wait that long. In such cases, the question arises: can you get a loan despite active debt with the Enforcement Officer?

When do you end up with the Enforcement Officer?

It can be valuable to know that the Enforcement Officer is a government agency that, during government assignments, ensures that, among other things, unpaid debts are paid and money goes back to the lender.¬†You can thus end up on the Enforcement Officer’s “black list” if you have not made sure to repay your loan on time, however, their list is just a collection of data that credit information companies have already entered into their systems.¬†You can also get¬†payment remarks¬†(l√•na pengar med betalningsanm√§rkning och skuld hos kronofogden) if you have not paid your taxes, bills, invoices, and so on, on time, for whatever reason.¬†In the case of state-independent cases, it is usually possible to dispute the debts through the court.¬†It thus also includes debt that you have obtained by borrowing money and failing to pay off your loan on time.

Can I get a private loan despite debt from the Enforcement Officer?

In short, this is virtually impossible to do today, as banks and various lenders are very careful that you have a steady source of income that guarantees with certainty that you pay your loan amount back to them, without at the same time forgetting or not being able to pay off others your obligations such as, for example, rent or tax. But the good news is that only six months after your debts with the Enforcement Officer have been paid off, you can apply for a loan again with most lenders. One of the basic requirements for you to be able to apply for a loan with us and compare more than forty different lenders is that you have been debt-free from the Enforcement Officer for at least 6 months see more here Рlåna pengar med skuld hos kronofogden.

Getting a private loan is thus almost impossible as long as you have an active debt with the Enforcement Officer, but there are lenders who offer opportunities to solve their financial difficulties with the help of mortgages instead of private loans. With these, you can thus borrow money despite active debt with the Enforcement Officer. To get a mortgage granted despite a debt to the Enforcement Officer, you must be able to prove that you have a steady income and currently have good conditions for paying off your fixed payments and bills, and on top of that also be able to handle a loan and repay it in time. Most of the time, these requirements mean that it must still be a while since you received the payment remarks, as your current finances must be much more stable for you to be able to borrow money.

Increase your chances with a co-borrower

If you do not have a sufficiently large or stable income or a lack of creditworthiness, a co-borrower can increase your chances of getting a loan granted. A co-borrower is someone who, together with you, is held responsible for the loan. It is usually common for a cohabitant or parent who is a co-borrower, and this person then usually has a better income and credit rating that balances out your credit rating and makes the lenders feel more secure in granting you money. Having a co-borrower can also improve the actual loan terms. An important thing to know is that the co-borrower has an equal responsibility to the bank to pay money back to the lender before the time runs out.