General Care Guidelines For Your Modern Rug

A modern wool rug makes a wonderful addition to your house and gives many useful benefits as well. For example, woolen Islamic prayer rugs are used to do prayers in Muslim culture.

Wool is fairly long-lasting and durable, and a stylish modern rug created from this material should last for several years. But when you buy prayer rugs, then you need to take care of it to prevent damage and maintain its beauty.

Perhaps the most valuable and important thing you require to do to care for your modern rug is to have it washed or cleaned professionally at least once a year. If you have pets in the home or the rug is in a high-traffic space, more regular professional washing or cleaning may be required.


Here are some general care guidelines that should apply to your modern wool rug.

Dust/Hair Removal

The popular method to clean excess dust or dirt from a rug is by beating it or, for small rugs, shaking it. You should always take your rug outdoors to beat it. You can use a brush or a sports racket to quickly beat the rug until the dust is no longer visible. You should wear a mask while you do this. Pet dander and human hair can accumulate in rug fibers. This is hard to remove by beating. If you are having difficulty removing hair from your rug, you can use a utility brush or a clothing brush with thick bristles.


Some rugs are very small for vacuuming But, a medium-sized or big rug can help from it. You should vacuum your wool carpet or rug two to four times a month in between expert cleanings.

Spot Removal

Your rug will find spills, dirty footprints, or other accidents that could cause staining. Begin by trying to dry up the spill first rather than rubbing at it, as rubbing only helps to push the blemish into the fibers. Proper stain removal methods vary depending on the situation. Use a stain remover created for use on wool, and check the care label for directions. Always experiment with a small, unnoticeable area initially to make sure that the shades will not go.


Here are some miscellaneous suggestions and tips:

  • Use a rug pad beneath. This benefits to shield the rug from damage and prevent slipping or tripping.
  • Do not pull on any loose fibers. If they stick up from the surface, cut them down with scissors.
  • Turn your rug every three or four months to stop uneven damage and/or sun fading.

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