Geese Removal: Unveiling the best solution to this widespread problem

Canadian Geese may look amazing at first sight but are grouped in the category of pests because of the nuisance that these birds create. They have the habit of destroying landscapes, lawns and garden. Aside birds are large in size and hence they can hurt pets and kids.


What’s most annoying about these birds is their droppings. They excrete a large amount thereby making the lawns and landscape dirty. Cleaning the dropping afterwards is very painful and also hazardous to health. Geese dropping contain E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter or Cryptosporidium germs that are fatal for human health.


These all issues make it Geese Management utmost compulsory. But again there is one issue that renders a normal person helpless. Law prohibits the use of poisons, pellet guns, firearms or any other lethal means to get rid of these Canadian geese. Hence the need for Geese removal service becomes mandatory for anyone facing this issue.      


Wild Geese Removal has been an area of study by professionals and they have left no stone unturned to figure out the ways to get rid of them permanently.


Below-mentioned is some of the traditional ways of getting rid of these geese which professional geese removal service providers have been practicing.  

  1. Use of scarecrow, mylar tapes, flags and balloons
  2. Fencing the lawn
  3. Using noisemaker, popguns and sound machines
  4. Use of chemicals


These steps provide a temporary solution to this widespread problem. The Geese returned and created the same nuisance.


The permanent solution to this problem is to force these geese to change their location. The above-mentioned issues were not able to deliver.


Finally, the professionals managed to figure out the solutions. This solution is non-traditional but has proven to give the best results.


In this method herding dogs, which are reared in Scotland and England, are used to counter this geese problem. These dogs are termed as Border Allies and have a wolf-like appearance. They crouch and stalk thereby scaring the geese away from your lawns/landscapes.


The basic idea is to scare them to such an extent that these geese don’t dare to return thinking the place to be unsecured for them.


This solution has proven to be the best and permanent solution as it was noted that the geese never returned.


Multiple sessions are taken by professionals to nullify any chances of geese returning.


This is the best way for any type of terrain, be it farmland, residential space or commercial land.


This method follows the guidelines given by the law, as it is not fatal to the geese. Just by reinforcing the fear in the mind of geese by taking multiple sessions, the professional help you get rid of these notorious birds.


There are a number of professional geese removal companies out there, which can help you, get rid of these geese.


I have told you the way that I find handy and what most of the people out there consider the best.

Ellen Hollington

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