Sunknowledge Services: The New age Gastroenterology Prior Authorization solution with AI

With the motive to determine if a health care service, treatment plan, prescription drug or any equipment is medically necessary, the process of prior authorization was encouraged. While the prior authorization process was meant to maintain care standards, improve safety and regulate the costs, today, it has become burdensome for both the patient and physician with days passing by growing complicated to navigate. Moreover, during a conversation with the Anthem national prior authorization team earlier this year, they stated adding more codes for all specialties to their prior authorization program further making the whole gastroenterology prior authorization even more complex, time consuming and even frustrating for many.

Besides, in the gastroenterology prior authorization process, reports have shown cases with patients having flares of inflammatory bowel disease because of medication delays due to the prior authorization process. Impacting gastroenterologists’ ability to provide timely care to patients, AGA and the entire physician community have been working or asking for regulatory change related to prior authorization in Medicare Advantage(MA) plans in order to experience lesser burden and can enhance more in patient care management.  

Sunknowledge Services Inc: ends all your gastroenterology prior authorization burden:

Being up to date with the recent codes and present industry mandates along with changing rules and regulations, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is one of the leading RCM solution providing comprehensive billing, coding, prior authorization, collection etc support to many leading names in the industry. 

Taking complete responsibility for gastroenterology prior authorization initiation, approval and follow-up, our experts reducing the claims and errors in the process; our experts further ensures a better billing management and a faster reimbursement rate while reducing your operational cost by 80%.

In fact, outsourcing your insurance verification and gastroenterology prior authorization process from us further helps you bring efficiency in closing the authorization gaps faster and efficiently while saving a lot of time and money; as our experts maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate also ensures 3 prior authorization requests in an hour. With the highest productivity metrics with the help of A.I and experienced authorization experts, we also have a 95% approval rate for our Prior Authorization activities ensuring 100% PA submissions on the same day itself.

With experts working on your authorization job, our experts further keep track and follow-up if required, and appeal denials with seamless communication strategy for better authorization solution also reduces the administrative burden, of managing prior authorizations while allowing you to focus more the core tasks. 

So, if you are looking for an answer to improve your gastroenterology prior authorization process, we are just a call away!