Garena Free Fire: How to Get Diamonds Quickly and Easily

No matter what kind of free fire player you are, one thing is certain. You will need free fire diamonds to buy the latest skins and weapons in the game. However, how do you go about getting free fire diamonds? Well, there are a few different ways to get free fire diamonds but we’ll be focusing on two methods that work best for beginners with some time and money on their hands.

In Garena Free Fire, diamonds are the primary in-game currency. They can be used to purchase cosmetics that let your player stand out amongst others and make your character more interesting. There is a wide variety of, but most are too expensive for someone like me to buy with real money. However, Garena has offered an offer where you can report bugs on their Advance Server program and get yourself free diamonds. I have been using that method in free fire and it has worked great for me.

The other option is to play the game long enough until you start earning free diamonds from playing matches, leveling up and etcetera. This will take a while but if you have some free time on your hands then this is probably the best way to get free fire diamonds without spending any money of your own or wasting too much time.

Garena Free Fire enables you to top up diamonds from its in-game store, as well as through third-party websites. Garena Free Fire is probably one of the best battle royal games available on both Android and iOS platforms. The battle royale popularity rose to the roof when PUBG Mobile India was banned in the country. The game offers a host of interesting features and one of the most interesting parts about it is the number of items that are available for players. The company is constantly adding new skins for weapons, cars, characters, and more. Apart from this, the developers also offer some tempting items. However, you can only obtain most of these items using the in-game currency known as diamonds.