Gardening and Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is described as the visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street and it should be important to all homeowners for various reasons.

Curb appeal is how your house looks like when seen from the street. Although you should never judge a book by its cover, a curb appeal is an essential feature of any home.

1. What Is Curb Appeal and Why Is It Important

Curb appeal is the exterior of your house that includes landscaping, outdoor fixtures, sidewalk and driveway. The better the curb appeal, the higher the property value. But curb appeal should be important to all homeowners, even those who don’t intend to sell their house. At the end of the day, an appeal of the whole neighborhood consists of the appearance of every single household and what’s prettier than a beautiful neighborhood? Keeping your bushes trimmed and the yard maintained speaks loads about you. When your guests visit, the exterior of your house is the first thing they will see and we all know too well that first impression is everything.

 A curb appeal can also save you money as the better you maintain the exterior of your home, the better the odds are of preventing costly repairs. Well placed trees and bushes will also provide protection from wind and sun and therefore reduce your Centerpoint Energy heating and cooling bill.

2. Tips for Boosting Your Homes Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior sets the stage for what’s inside. Adding curb appeal is often easy, simple and inexpensive. The end result is a house that looks even prettier as curb appeal adds charm.

  • Make it green

Simple greenery gives your home a cottage-in-the-forest look.

  •  Attend to your lawn

You need to regularly care for your lawn by mowing the grass, raking off leaves, and pulling weeds. Needless to sat, you need to keep it well watered to prevent brown spots.

  • Let there be light

There’s nothing welcoming about a dark entryway so if you need some additional light sources, hang some porch string lights or use solar powered lanterns to make your entry way more inviting.

  • Use the power of symmetry

Symmetry is something that human eye is naturally drawn to and it works wonders, every time.

  • Give your mailbox a makeover

Mailboxes must compliment the overall look of your home. As tiny as it may seem, it can make or break the visual appeal. You can even add a plant or two to make it more charming.

3. Gardening and Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can be achieved through the decoration of exteriors, landscaping and other simple activities such as painting, gardening or adding some décor. Let’s turn your home into a unique piece of art that is going to be the talk of the block.

  • A sun-kissed garden

The front yard with a variety of flowering plants, herbs, and shrubs can instantly upgrade the look of your home. You can fill small pots with evergreen plants so that your garden is always blooming. Give a thought about the types of flowers you want to plant so that the whole place looks like it’s been wonderfully put together in several bunches. The safest option is to go with native plants that are already adjusted to the climate. If you can’t get enough of nature, you can try creating a living wall.

  •  Pathway to heaven

The beauty of pathways is that you can play along with the materials, colors, and shapes. If you don’t feel inspired, Pinterest will get your creative juices flowing.

  •  Good old porch swing

A porch with a traditional wooden swing embellished with some cozy pillows and cushions is as charming isn’t reserved for movies. A good old porch swing will add charm along with delightful morning coffees and unforgettable star gazing.

  • Personalize it

Just go with your gut and don’t be afraid to reflect your personality, just like you should do within your house. Go with whatever you think works for you as at the end of the day, your house should reflect you.


Landscape curbing is a form of art. All you need to create your masterpiece is some creativity, a little patience and some time on your hands.