Garage Remodeling: A beginner’s guide

Due to the bigger size of houses & the popularity of utility vehicles, house owners have been pushing the boundaries of what a garage can attain. Garage Remodeling has been a famous house remodeling trend in recent times. While planning the new garage remodel, house owners are required to evaluate whether a detached or attached garage fits their needs. A lot of latest house developments have the attached garages which offer security from cold weather as well as offer abundant storage. However, the attached garages are limited when it comes to aesthetic style options, & can be a safety risk as they produce another entryway. The detached garages have more design alternatives, as well as they, avoid the “garage-dominated front” for your house. 

So, are you planning for a garage remodeling? All the beginners out there, check out how you can make it a better place – 

1. Make it a home for pastime –

Browsing through the best garage building ideas? Please note that along with adding extra storage, house owners like to utilize the garage as the space for doing what they love. The auto enthusiasts might design the space that permits them for storing their fuels and tools so that they can work on their cars in peace. 

The gardening enthusiasts may design the garage for holding soil, tools, and pots. For adding a few color pops into your remodeled space, consider painting its unused walls for matching your hobby. Cool Blues, Sleek Grays, and Bright Reds are usual options that add something additional to your space. Also, repainting the door which leads into your home is an amazing chance to add a bit of color. 

2. Opt for its better uses –

One of the most relevant things to keep in mind while going through garage building ideas is that the single garage will offer approximately 15 x 2 of the possible living space. It is more than sufficient for the playroom, home office, accessible downstairs bathroom & toilet, or an extra bedroom. If it is the integrated garage, you can knock down its interior wall for joining up with the current home, maybe extending the hallway or kitchen. 

In case it is the detached garage, it may be better suited to the more separate utilization like a guest annex or home office. Or else, you may keep 1 parking space by building the well-insulated partition & fitting out the rest for your mini-gym/utility room. 

3. Make every inch of wall count –

There is nothing wrong with accepting that your garage is the catch-all to stock the unused items as well as seasonal equipment for more of us. So, if you are someone looking for the right Garage remodeling tips to follow, then you should put a premium on removing the clutter by adding Slatwall panels and specialty storage tracks. 

A majority of the garages are so much packed with other things that a few of us are finding it tough to park our car inside. Hence, irrespective of the size of your garage, among the easiest ways for gaining extra space is by turning your wall into a perfect opportunity. Unlike the traditional designs which often include massive cabinets with an almost unlimited number of drawer space, choosing wall storage can level-up the garage game of yours. 

4. Maintain proper insulation –

As with any conversion, you should ensure the fact that the new garage room is energy-efficient and warm. Among the simplest Garage remodeling tips for adding insulation to its walls is to use insulated plasterboard fitted to the timber battens above the moist proof course. 

As per the garage type, you can insulate its walls in distinctive manners – 

  • Detached or Attached garages of the single-skin construction can be internally insulated. 
  • The integrated garages are often built to the same standard as the main home & the walls maybe won’t require updating. 
  • For the part-conversion, sustaining the parking space, you will have to erect the fully-insulated internal diving wall which is designed for providing half-an-hour fire security. 

5. Get the design right –

It is relevant to consider what internal space type you will be left within case you just replace your garage door with the new brick wall & windows. This might generate a narrow, dark room with a low ceiling that feels a bit claustrophobic. That is why consider hiring the right garage builder Calgary and adding the feature glass block wall for brightening the space or floor-to-ceiling windows that are facing your back garden in case the budget gets stretched that far. 

Or, you can raise the garage’s roof for creating a vaulted, higher ceiling. In case you have the flat roof on the single-story garage, it may be worth stripping it & replacing the same with the latest pitched roof. 

6. Rework the layout –

The layout is something that must be completed overnight. For making an impressive garage design, you need to hire the services of the best garage builder Calgary and aim at making it as detailed as you can. Pay close attention to details like cost, design, and color. Besides helping in checking in case you are still on the budget, it also decreases the chance of facing mistakes. 

Along with this, you should consider the purpose you set for the garage. For example, in case you plan on turning it into a media room and parking space, you are required to also consider the space and budget for couches, maybe the mini-fridge, and huge screen displays. 

7. Take care of the wiring, heating, and plumbing –

While going through amazing garage redesign hacks, make an extensive survey of the wiring and plumbing if you have to break through the wall for installing windows and doors. Make it a point to locate the major outflows for water & soil outflow. Check out your garage for wiring in your walls as well as the ceiling. 

Ask yourself, is it possible to locate your garage on the latest consumer unit? If necessary, you can install the additional mains supply & this will need the installation of a different consumer unit. In case you have a detached garage, the wiring will depend upon power usage. In that case, you must always consult the electrician. 

8. Keep doors and windows in mind –

The specified fenestration will be required to hit the much-needed entire-unit U-values (1.8 for the doors and 1.6W/m2K for windows), match the security expectations, offer proper ventilation along with suiting your home’s style. In case you are keen on keeping rates down while applying garage redesign hacks, focus on working to basic-sized units. 

Sashes, door sets, and casements can be included by punching the suitable hole in the wall as well as adding lintels as needed. The same is true of the openings between the garage and the main house. For huge spans enabling the more open-plan feel, the reinforcing steel beam might be required. This type of work might need calculations from the structural engineer. 


For a majority of us, the garage is more than only the place with 4 walls and a roof. While it might be usually overlooked when it comes to house improvement plans, it can be converted into one of the most entertaining and functional parts of your home. Whether you are looking for improving the market value as well as curb appeal or just considering the design update, the standard design must always aim at making your space look modern, presentable, and fresh. 

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