Garage Makeover Ideas That Increase Your Home’s Value

When it comes to the value of your home, nothing is small. Everything counts, from the big things like a new kitchen or an expanded main suite to the more minor details like a garage makeover. A garage is typically not something anyone sees when looking at homes for sale, but it can add a lot when you are selling or trying to get as much as you can from your real estate agent on your next home purchase. It would help if you equipped yourself with garage makeover ideas that increase your home’s value.

Resurface the Floor.

The floor of your garage is the first thing people see when they walk in. It sets the tone for the entire rest of the space. If your floor is cracked, rippled, or covered in oil stains, it could be dragging down the total value of your home. While you can replace the flooring, if you are trying to maximize your garage value, you are better off resurfacing the existing floor. Look for products that can be applied directly to the existing floor without needing a subfloor.

Install New Lighting.

The layout of your garage can affect the value of your garage makeover. For a two-car garage, it’s essential to ensure each bay is appropriately lit. You also want to ensure good lighting to see what you do when working on a project. If your garage has low-quality fluorescent lights or no lights, you could get a significant boost in value by installing new lights. You don’t need to spend a fortune on high-end lighting, but make sure you install bright and targeted lights to provide good light for each bay.

Add New Doors

One of the most critical aspects of your garage is your doors. The condition of your doors can directly affect the value of your garage makeover. If your doors are warped, rusted, or damaged, they will likely cost you when you sell your home. If your garage doors are in good shape and are just dirty, you can clean them, but you should consider replacing them if they are old and have lots of wear. You can install new garage doors from reliable garage door service companies. If you plan to sell your home in the next few years, you could get even more by installing new doors that match your home’s exterior. New garage doors can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home. New doors will make your home look more beautiful and modern.

Add Storage.

Garages are great for storing things, but they can be a real turnoff to potential buyers if you don’t have a good organization for your storage items. You can add significant value to your garage by organizing your stuff and adding built-in storage systems. If your garage is unfinished, you have even more options. Consider adding a wardrobe or a large bookcase to create a place where you can store things out of the way but still easily accessible.


The above garage makeover ideas can add value to your home. A garage is often the least-appreciated part of a house, but it can also be one of the most accessible places to improve. With these garage makeover ideas, you don’t need to spend much money to make a big difference in your garage. Small changes can significantly affect how potential buyers feel about your house and how much money they want to pay for it.