Ganesh Chaturthi 2021: Crafts And Activities That’ll Keep Your Little Munchkins Entertained For Hours!

Amid the pandemic, the festival celebrations remain muted this year too. And if you’re a mom or a dad yourself, you know the struggle of venturing & running after your kids on the festival day. So, what keeps your kids engaged? Well, this post deals with ways you ever wanted to know about. In the festival aisle, another big festival is ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ which is just around the corner & all we have for you is a bunch of ideas to celebrate with your kids.

Though the festival requires brainstorming on a zillion things such as Ganesh chaturthi decoration ideas, outfit ideas, celebration ideas, children should also be given a chance to help in some little ways. And nothing better to keep your kids engaged on Ganesh Chaturthi with some crafts and activities. Can’t wait to know some of the best and unique craft ideas and activities for kids to do on Ganesh Chaturthi? Can you? Then read on!

10 Ganesh Chaturthi Craft Ideas And Activities To Celebrate With Kids

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations every year are not less than spectacular! And because you’re looking to make an unforgettable event for your little ones, we’re here to give you a rundown of ideas on craft and activities.

Coloring & Drawing Lord Ganesha

Though you may laugh it off on how your child can create so many looks of the same god by colouring it. You can get some playful colours & paints from your nearby local store & go all playing & having fun on the day.

Do up with Play-Doh & Make Creative Ganesha

Kids love to play up with play-doh & therefore, how interesting is to end up making a creative Ganesh out of it, right? With the internet booming with Ganesh pictures all over, you can ask your kid to replicate it by using vibrant colours for extra detailing.

Involve kids in sweets sesh for the puja

Kids love to mix, match, & make a mess. You can give them the task of mixing flours for ladoos, crushing almonds or cashews, or washing rice for kheer. 

Learning slokas of Ganpati aarti

You can teach your little shlokas and aarti while involving them while you pray to the Ganesha Idol, chant with you, and let them pray too. You could also let them involve in lighting a Diya, drawing a rangoli, or decorating garlands too. Oh, while you teach them shlokas on Ganesha, explain to them the meaning too.

Ganesha Rice rangoli is a thing

It’s safe to say that rangolis can make any festival look beautiful. To twist it, rice rangoli is also what you can help your kids try this year. Rice Rangoli is an ancient way of celebrating festivals but with rangoli drawn using the rice grained water. But due to the advanced lifestyle, rice-filled rangoli is drawn at the doorstep with betel nut which can be at the end or outlined one.

Walkthrough songs & movie feed

Songs & movies are a thing these days for every child, right? Therefore, to keep them entertained, you can play some good Ganpati songs and to help you with them, youtube is always a go-to option. You should also check out some fantastic Ganpati movies for kids.

Jumble Fumble Ganesh Names 

Kids love games and which is why every celebration remains incomplete without them. To kickstart this game, you have to take a paper, write different names of Lord Ganesha in form of a list. Alphabets of each of the names have to be jumbled up so that the kids can decipher them and rightly put them in order. Trust us, your kids are going to enjoy arranging the alphabet in the right order. Have fun!

Aarti Plate for Ganesh Chaturthi

Something better than doing nothing, right? Make your little ones stumble, learn, brainstorm, & be creatively magical in designing beautiful aarti plates for the festival. You can help them with giving paints, colours, a mirror, and everything you need. 

Celebrate The Festival & Make Your Own Ganesh Chaturthi Story With Kids

So, now you know your kids will not be the trouble-doers on the festival day! Out of all the ideas we have given you, hope you find the best one for your kid to learn and have fun on Ganesh Chaturthi. Also, though you cannot step out of your house, you can send some heartfelt Ganesh chaturthi wishes in english to your loved ones. Celebrate the festival, laugh out loud, let your kids go all crazy and creative, and yes, don’t forget to click a few pictures too.