Galen Hair, Owner of Insurance Claim HQ Explains How to Submit an Insurance Claim in 5 Easy Steps

Home damage usually follows tragedy or at least a heavy dose of frustration. If you are going through something traumatic, it can be hard to organize yourself to do the boring work that is required to get what you need from your insurance company. If this sounds like you, this article is the perfect place to start.

Galen Hair, founder and owner of Insurance Claim HQ, was inspired to start his business due to the disaster relief project he volunteered for in college in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

He is passionate about helping his clients make sure they get the coverage and help that they need in times of crisis — in times when it matters the most.

Hair sat down with us to explain the ins and out of submitting a home insurance claim in the simplest way that will get you the best results.

File Your Claim in a Timely Manner

Right off the bat, Hair said, “Open your claim as soon as possible. It doesn’t have to be the very second something happens, but as soon as you can, or as soon as you notice. The quicker the better, so you can get it off your plate and onto that of the professionals.”

The simplest way to do this is to call your insurance company, most of which have phone numbers. After major disasters, more insurance companies set up call centers that are open 24 hours a day to make this process as easy as possible.

Open a Claim in Writing AND Over the Phone

“Make sure you double up when filing a claim by submitting it in writing too,” Hair told us. “Remember that we’re all human, including insurance adjusters. They can make errors, forget to write something down, or forget to follow up with you. Leaving a paper trail covers you from these types of mistakes.”

Use an Attorney

Hair is a big proponent of using an insurance attorney to help you make sure you are submitting your claim correctly.

“There is nothing wrong with that at all,” said Hair, “In fact, it just takes stress off your shoulders when you are already going through a difficult time. An attorney who specializes in home insurance will be able to make sure it’s done right, without you having to worry.”

He went on to explain that attorneys can sometimes be helpful in finding details you may have overlooked or even notifying you of covered damages that you didn’t know could be covered by your insurance.

Some Don’t Have a Phone Number

In the event that your home insurance agency does not have a phone number, you will likely have to visit them in person.

“Go to your agent and find out the process for opening a claim,” said Hair. “Then take the same steps as above from there. In these cases, since there is the added lack of convenience, it is even more beneficial to hire a home insurance lawyer.”

Finally, Be Honest

“No matter how you submit your claim, let the insurance company know you need help!” said Hair. “Give them as much information as possible so they can get you the help you need. That is what they are supposed to do, and you can use the strategies above, especially the attorney, to make sure you get it done in the most efficient way possible.”

Hair feels strongly that sometimes home insurance companies aren’t ‘up to snuff,’ and makes it his top priority to help those in need get the settlement they deserve.

About Galen Hair

Galen M. Hair, owner of Insurance Claim HQ, is a property insurance attorney. His firm operates in more than seven states including Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Georgia among others. Galen and his team have helped over 800 families rebuild their homes and businesses. He has been rated a Super Lawyers Rising Star, and voted one of National Trial Lawyers Top 100. To learn more about how Galen and his partner, Alexander Shunnarah, can help protect property from disaster, please visit:


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