Galaxy Light projector Uk:

Immerse your walls and ceiling with attractive colorful combos. Mesmerise all visitors with strong or multi-colored ocean effects, and star lights that reflect the field of floating stars

Green Projector is a high-quality holographic creature, small in size but very powerful. This Galaxy star Projector transforms your home into an inspiring planet with all the music and lights you will take with you!

The last gift of 2021, why are you scratching your head trying to think of the perfect gift for a special day for a loved one, when we have done all the scratching for you? Collect their new Galaxy Projector and give them a surprise they can never guess in a bright million years.

Budget friendships, unhealthy dating, puts kids to sleep for some of the few reasons to shop today!

Spacification of Galaxy light projector Uk:

360° Rotating dynamic projection with 10 colours, LED stars, and dozens of lighting modes #nightlightprojector#StarNightLight#nightlightprojector

 Projection coverage: 161-538 ft2   

 High quality bluetooth speaker  #StarLightProjector

 Sound activation music player #StarLightProjector#StarNightLight

 Remote control & timer settings (Auto shut off options)

 Lightweight & portable – 450g #StarNightLight  #nightlightprojector

 Remote control included #nightlightprojector#StarNightLight

 Safe for all ages

 100% Eco-Friendly PLA 

 Universal USB input #nightlightprojector#StarLightProjector#StarNightLight

 Input: 110-220V 

 CE certified #StarNightLight

Description Galaxy Light projector uk :

Colors: Lit Galaxy Projector comes with 6 different awesome colors.

Modes: This project has different modes, where you can turn on the moon and start the lights on / off. There is also Ocean wave mode. Also, the galaxy projector can respond to the sound of music.

Wireless: Going to a party? The projector has a built-in battery, which means you don’t have to connect it to power every time you want to use it. Just charge and you should be ready in 4 hours.

Quality: Our customers love our products because of their quality. We did nothing different for The Lit Galaxy Projector. This is the best galaxy projector found in Pakistan.

WHY we use Galaxy light projector Project?


Charge your projector, close curtains and power On. Explosion! Your room is completely different now.


Our Galaxy light Projector uk can produce up to 6 impressive colors, Pink Nebula, Deep Sea Blue, Emerald Green, Sunset Yellow, Ocean Blue and Crimson Red.

MOVIE NIGHT under the stars

Ever wanted to watch a movie outside, under the stars? Now you can get the same magical atmosphere, right in your room.

Wireless and easy light

Powered by a built-in 2200mAh battery. Our Galaxy Projector can last up to 6 hours with a single charge. So the next time you go out to a party, make sure you keep your project with you.