How to Perform G Suite Email Migration to Office 365 for Administrators

Microsoft has developed a method to perform G Suite email migration to Office 365. One needs to have administrator privileges of both the G Suite domain and Microsoft 365 domain to implement this method. We will know about it in detail in this article.

But first, let us take a look at why Office 365 is considered a better choice by millions of businesses.

Why Prefer Office 365?

Office 365 comes first because of the combinations of well-known Microsoft software and top-notch technical support. Microsoft has gained the trust of the customers with its plethora of features.

  • Provides familiar applications
  • Supports file recovery options
  • Fully integrated with both mobile and desktop
  • Threat security
  • Capable to access files offline
  • Increased scalability

Affordable subscription policies attract users the most. Also, Office 365 offers pay-as-you-go subscriptions. So, a business can choose exactly what applications they want and pay for those apps only, making this a highly affordable choice regardless of the business scale.

Methods to Perform G Suite Email Migration to Office 365

1: Native Way to Switch From G Suite to Office 365

This native method has many stages. Also, since it takes advantage of IMAP protocol, it only migrates emails from G Suite to Office 365. The other mailbox items such as contacts and calendars need to be transferred separately. The stages of this native method are mentioned in the section below:

  • Stage 1 – Make sure the domain is your own domain
  • Stage 2 – Add users to Office 365 Account
  • Stage 3 – Create Gmail Mailbox List that you have to migrate
  • Stage 4 – Connect Microsoft Office 365 to your Gmail Account
  • Stage 5 – Create transfer in bulk and begin Gmail mailbox migration
  • Stage 6 – Update the DNS record for transferring Gmail to Outlook 365

The complete working steps of this method are long and complicated. So, we have only listed the stages to give you a brief idea of the migration process. Also, keep in mind that this is Not the Only process.

Microsoft in 2019, also developed another method that not only performs G Suite email migration to Office 365 but also transfers contacts and calendars. Also, if you are of the mindset “time is money”, then a professional tool is always recommended.

You can find all the working steps of this native method, the latest migration method, and the professional tool, all in the G Suite to Office 365 Guide.

If you have already decided on using a professional tool or want to try it out first, you can keep reading the following section.

Professional Tool for G Suite Email Migration to Office 365

Professional tools, generally, provide an easy, fast, reliable, and trustworthy migration experience. SysTools G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool is one such utility. It is a futuristic software combined with many unique features that makes it easier to transfer data present in G Suite account to Microsoft Office 365 account including email, contacts, documents, calendars, etc. with utmost ease and comfort. This software is equipped with some customized filters which render for an easy and selective migration process.

Features of the Tool

  • Transfer all items of Google mailbox including Emails, Calendar, Contacts, etc
  • Delta migration of new mailbox items
  • Category and date-based filter
  • Priority-based migration
  • Stop migration option
  • A detailed summary of the report
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows server 2012/2016
  • Also available for Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Architecture: x86-64
  • Admin-friendly interface

Follow the steps mentioned below to perform G Suite email migration to Office 365 account:

1: Fulfill all prerequisites present on the official site and start the migrator tool

2: Select the source and destination platform

g suite selection

3: Choose data category (emails, contacts, calendars, drive files), and apply filters (optional)

select category

4: Provide the G Suite account credentials and verify all the permissions

g suite credentials

5: Provide the Office 365 credentials and verify all the permissions

6: Now, either fetch users from G Suite or import a CSV file containing all the user accounts to migrate to Office 365

fetch users

7: The software validates the user accounts and renders the Start migration option.

8: Set priority for certain mailboxes (optional) and start the migration process.

start migration

If you have any queries whatsoever regarding the software or the migration itself, you can always get in touch with the SysTools support team.

Concluding Statement

Microsoft Office 365 is of great importance in today’s professional life. In the above section of the blog, we have provided you with the native method for successful G Suite email migration to Office 365. We have also shown where you can find all the migration methods. If the users have to perform multiple account migration, then they should give the third-party software a try.